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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Instagram Photography

Seeing plenty of gorgeous and stunning snapshots filling your newsfeed is not something uncommon when you’re scrolling through Instagram. It’s understandable that you would like a similar level of Instagram photography to leave a long-lasting impression on your followers.

So, you try your best to rock your photo game by taking some unique pictures for your Instagram.

Despite your attempts to take Instagram-perfect photos with your phone, pictures may end up unfocused, grainy, and dark (most of the time). Even your best Instagram photos are nothing like vivid and perfect pictures you wanted to take to make your social media stand out.

You may feel frustrated and want to delete all the pictures. Before you do that, let us remind you that you are not a professional photographer. However, that does not mean that you will never achieve the Instagram photos you are aiming for.

All you need is to hire a professional photographer for an Instagram photo shoot. Our expert photographers know how to craft Insta-worthy pictures for your Instagram feed.

If you don’t believe us, keep on reading to find out how skilled photographers like our Localgraphers can help you score perfect attention-grabbing shots.

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Why Try Professional Instagram Photoshoot? 

There is no denying that Instagram is one of the best visual platforms. Don’t forget that the more your account is visually appealing, the better it will engage the followers. Many people use Instagram for high-quality and beautiful images that can instantly grab the attention of their followers. And hiring a professional photographer is one of the best ways how to achieve this.

Not sure why you should get a photographer for Instagram? Check out these reasons to find out how using the expertise of our Localgraphers can take your photoshoot for Instagram to the next level.

Reason #1

Photographer Can Map out Your Profile’s Aesthetics

Know that your photos on Instagram only show up on your followers’ feed once. But, when a follower clicks through your profile, he or she can see all your Instagram photos together. In short, your Instagram is a kind of mosaic or grid that comprises individual pictures but have a strong impact on the followers if each image fits together.

This is where the role of a professional photographer comes into play. When you hire an expert photographer who has an in-depth understanding of the profile aesthetics of your Instagram feed, he/she creates a cohesive or vibe and appearance. So if you want to break your Instagram feed, focus on the right Instagram aesthetics to complement each photo on your profile. And no one can help you take the right photos to improve your profile’s aesthetics than your personal photographer.

Best Instagram Portrait

Reason #2

Photographer Understands the Lights

Tired of taking blurry and dark Instagram photos?

One of the key factors why taking photos yourself does not give you the desired outcomes is a lack of expertise. When doing a photoshoot for Instagram, light plays a crucial role in highlighting everything to its detail. That means the right amount of photography lighting can be the one difference between a terrible photo and a breathtaking one.

Getting a photographer for your Instagram photos is an ideal way to snap photos by using the lights in the best possible way. At Localgrapher, we have amazing and skillful photographers who are super-efficient when it comes to taking a well-lit photograph for personal Instagram accounts.

Instagram Photo Tips

Reason #3

Photographer Adds Layers to Your Photos to Make Them More Interesting

While minimalistic and simple looks are always en vogue, what about adding layers to your photos. That means you can try mixing different textures to have a foreground or background. You can add layers to make photos more interesting, add colors, or stay in a black and white mood. The world is your oyster.

Put simply, when you hire a Localgrapher for your Instagram photoshoot, they use the right techniques to incorporate interesting features into the Instagram photos, making them visually appealing. They, for instance, blur the background where you want your followers to focus on your face or personality only. This technique instinctually moves the attention to the main subject of the picture.

After all, “Focus on Me” is all you want when it comes to making a lasting impression on your Instagram followers with your photographs.

Best Instagram Photos

Reason #4

Photographer Knows Successful Image Strategies

A good photographer understands that spending effort and time is worth it in this era where people see and swipe through within seconds. Also, they know that good Instagram esthetics is beyond just taking photos and uploading them with the captions on the account. One good shot speaks volumes. That is what sets professional photographers apart from the ones taking photos from their phones.

Good Instagram Photo Tips

Hiring an expert photographer means adding all the elements of professional photography to your Instagram photoshoot ideas. Whether you want to capture the scenic beauty of your vacationing spot or want to click some chic posses for your Instagram profile, our Localgraphers know all successful image strategies.

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How to Hire a Photographer for Instagram?

An ability to capture images that catch people’s eye on Instagram is important to attract followers and keep them hooked to your feed. Only an expert photographer can help you boost the status of your social media account. There is no denying that your followers judge everything from your expressions, setting, to your appearance. That means good photos on Instagram is one way to gravitate follower’s attention towards your social network naturally.

If you have made up your mind to hire photography services to capture amazing social media shots, the next step is to approach them. One of the best parts of working with professionals like our Localgraphers is that you can hire them in just four simple steps.

It begins with selecting your destination (if you have any) and describing a photographer you want. Moreover, you can search for Localgraphers based on the specific requirements you have. Generally, customers can see a compiled list of professional photographers on the website working in your desired destination.

Once you get the search results, you can go through Localgraphers’ portfolios and choose the best one.

After this easy-going search process, you can also choose your photography spots, including islands, mountain range, or serene beaches.

Take a look at the given steps to hire a photographer for your Instagram photo session:

Step 1: On our website, select the location of your Instagram photoshoot. You need to fill an online form to describe in detail what type of photography or photoshoot you are looking to have. The added details allow you to connect with a photographer for your Instagram photoshoot.

Step 2: Once you fill the booking form, we match your details with the data of our professionals and connects you with the suitable photographers available on your dates.

Step 3: When you find the photographer you are looking for, he/she will get back to you in no time and discuss all your requirements with you. Try to explore plenty of ideal Instagram photoshoot spots. Our Localgraphers are undeniably the best guides to not only find valuable places but also to give Instagram photo tips.

Step 4: The last stage is your final phase after your photography session is complete and you receive your HD photos within four business days.

Remember that all photos are of high-quality, and you can share them on all your social media accounts including your Instagram feed.

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How to Get Ready for Instagram Photoshoot?

From outfits, setting, to props, and accessories, like every photoshoot, you need to plan everything for your Instagram photoshoot in advance to break your Instagram. Best Instagram photos take a lot of careful planning, and that is where your Localgrapher can guide and help you.

We have rounded up some Instagram photography tips to help you prepare for a rocking Instagram photography session.

Tip #1

Decide Your Mood

Decide whether you want to look mysteries, goofy, sad, or nostalgic and happy.

Choosing what mood you want to depict in your photoshoot is one of the most important elements in the preparation phase. Since you will be posting the pictures on your personal Instagram profile, you have an array of moods to choose from to convey to your followers what you are feeling.

Instagram Photoshoot

Tip #2

Pick Time, Location and Actions

Some other vital aspects you need to decide before your Instagram photoshoot is location and time. What will you be doing during the shoot? Will you be lying on the grass or traveling? What time of the day will be good to do the photoshoot? Will you have a specific location for the photoshoot? Will there be tourists or cars? Or you want an empty space for your photo shoot.

Thus, deciding everything beforehand will not only help you keep your Instagram photoshoot hassle-free, but also enjoy every moment of it.

Instagram Photoshoot

Tip #3

Choose Outfit(s)

Want a classy shot that shows your entire look? Then buy some Instagram-worthy stylish clothes. You can definitely take some styling tips from your Localgrapher to keep your dressing on point. Choose a pair of hollowed-out pocket jeans and match them with some multi-hued tops to add a unique pop of colors to your Instagram profile.

Instagram Photoshoot Outfits

Tip #4

Add Accessories to Your Preparation

Accessories have become a must staple regardless of your photoshoot. From woven bags, classy bangles to stylish Coffee mugs, adding shoot appropriate accessories to your Instagram photo session is a perfect way to show your followers your style sense.

Professional Instagram Photoshoot

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How Much Does a Personal Instagram Photographer Charge?

As a reliable photography service that provides its client a 100 % money-back guarantee, we also offer some great pricing packages when you hire a personal Instagram photographer. You can buy 30 to 100 minutes long personal photography packages that ranges from $250 to $500.

Some of the packages for Instagram photography include:

  • Bronze Package: It is a 30 minutes package and suitable for you if you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective Instagram photography package while on a solo travel trip. You get 20 high-resolution photos with a backup guarantee. The package cost is $250.
  • Silver Package: It is a 60 minutes package and is recommended for you if you are traveling with your loved one. You get 35 hi-resolution photos with back up. The package cost is $350.
  • Gold Package: It is a 100 minutes package and is great for group photography. You get 60 hi-resolution photos with a back-up. The package cost is $500.
  • Video Package: You can also opt for this 60 minutes video and Full-HD filming package. It offers you two- years back up and in only for $450.
  • Photo + Video Package: Looking for a package is that combines both photos and videos for your Instagram photoshoot. The package from Localgrapher offers 60 min photography and videography. You get hi-resolution photos, along with 60 seconds HD videos in just $750.
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