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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
December 11th, 2020

Shooting in the Cold: 25+ Poses Your Personal Photographer Can Capture in Winter Only

If you think winters are not the right time to capture some stirring poses or doing photo shoots, you might be mistaken. The snowy and flaky background makes one of the best seasons for a dreamy and surreal photoshoot. The wistful backdrop of winter, when captured with vibrant contrasts and unique solo, couple, and family poses, gives life to winter portraits. That means shooting in the cold with a personal photographer, wearing winter-themed outfits makes some of the memorable poses you can cherish your whole life.

All you need is to bring together your decorating skills, some cute winter outfits, little madness, and, most importantly, your personal photographer to freeze some inane yet incredibly interesting winter poses. Whether you are vacationing at gorgeous mountain towns to capture some dreamy winter shots or at serene and scenic places like Sapphire point, Localgrapher can become your personal photographer.

From capturing breathtaking winter views to seizing the unconditional bond you share with your loved ones, Localgraphers can lock the moments beyond perfection. With their amazing photography skills, our vacation photographers, without a doubt can create the magic in your pictures, making winter photography much more than a challenging genre.

Since winter is already in a full swing, it is high time to book your personal photographer and create some cool and magical pictures. Get ready to explore some of the most exciting winter photoshoots poses to inspire others to get out of their warm blanket.

Exciting Winter Photoshoot Ideas From Our Personal Photographers

Idea #1

Blowing Snow

Playing with snowflakes might have been one of your favorite hobbies in winter. However, have you ever tried being playful with snow?

If your answer is “No,” get ready to take some wonderland photos this season. Your personal photographer knows how to make the most of this less windy season of the year. You do not need to go anywhere to capture this cute pose. Your backyard makes the perfect setting to show you fondness with the snow. Whether you take this endearing picture with your partner or your little ones, it incorporates the perfect feel of winter. Just stand in order, take a handful of snow and BLOW! Let your personal photographer seize the moment forever.

Winter Photography Tips

Idea #2

Walk-in Snow

Although anyone can try this pose, families will nail it! Snowfall and holding hands portray something beyond just people strolling on the road. It shows an unwavering family bond and commitment. “The walking in snow” pose is a cute way to remind you that no matter what your family has your BACK!

Winter Photography Tips

Idea #3

Snow Heart

Looking for some naughty, fun, and unique winter poses, try snow heart pose. This is undeniably an exciting and Instagram-worthy pose. The idea is great for friends and sisters to show their adventurous and audacious nature.

However, you definitely need a personal photographer and little practice to click this super cute winter pose. You need to hold hands of each other (the person you are taking a picture with) from the back (fingers intertwined). Stand on your toes and touch each other’s heel, losing yourselves outward. Make a heart shape pose with your bodies and capture the delightful pose.

Idea #4

Play in the Snow

Who doesn’t like playing in the snow? In addition, what about capturing some playful moments this season? This winter photoshoot is all about enjoying yourself in the snow as much as you can. There is no need to stress out about taking the perfect moments as your Localgrapher knows how to capture fleeting moments masterfully.

Have a playful snowball fight, make a snow fort, go sledding, or stomp through the snowy layers to make footprints. Hence, get creative as much as you can. All these playful moments make the best memories you will love to live again and again.

Winter Photoshoot Tips by Personal Photographer

Idea #5

Do-whatever Click

The pose doesn’t require any staged photos or forced expressions. All it needs your natural and candid poses to click some adorable family pictures. Although it is a do-whatever click, you can make it even more exciting by jumping in the snow. Lift your feet off the ground, grin a wide smile to make an excellent combination for your family portrait. Wear twining outfits in black or purple color to complement the white background.

Winter Photoshoot Tips by Personal Photographer

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Idea #6

Feeling the Snowfall

This is one of the simpler poses you can take to express your love for winters and snow. Simple yet unique, this click captures the essence and beauty of this misty and magical season. All you need is to close your eyes and engross in the falling snow. Your personal photographer will seize the moment for you.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #7

Ridding a Sleigh

Ridding a Sleigh is more like embracing winter’s romance. Your winter celebration is incomplete if you haven’t tried a classic horse-drawn sleigh ride. Whether you take the ride to enjoy the serene and scenic views of snow or experience something new, it makes one of the best winter photoshoots. In addition, it gives you the amazing Christmas vibes.

Winter Photography Tips

Idea #8

Ice Skating

One of the winter thrilling winter adventures is ice-skating. Not only does it make the best way to enjoy winters, but it also gives you tons of super cool moments to make memories. Enjoy this wonderful activity while your personal photographer takes lots of sporty moments. You can take many pictures with your roller skates on the ice to let people know your love for ice-skating.

Winter Photoshoot Tips by Personal Photographer

Idea #9

Family Snowman

Making a family snowman is one way to welcome winters. The entire process of making a snowman is about making fun with your family. So why not make it a must-keep memory by capturing photos with it? You can click some of the best winter family portraits with your local photographer.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #10

Peekaboo Snowfall

The idea might sound insane or bizarre, but it is the cutest poses you have ever taken before. It turns out best for the bigger families. To capture this pose, each member needs to hide behind a different tree -standing close to each other. Everyone has to peek out from their places, either left or right sides. It is good to wear the matching outfits to make this winter click look even more visually appealing.

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Idea #11

Log Family

The family that takes photos together stays together! This winter photoshoot idea captures the perfect family photo sophistically. It uses wood logs as photography props in your snowfall pictures. The wood logs revitalize the contrasting idea of chilly winters and fire. In addition, it provides enough space for bigger families to accommodate in the frame.

Winter Photoshoot Tips by Personal Photographer

Idea #12

Cozy Winters

This photoshoot idea creates a delightful and cozy winter scene near the fireplace. Colorful socks, coffee mugs, and lighted fire in the chimney are all you need to spend winters. Your Localgrapher is skilled in transforming this idea into a picture-perfect.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #13

Showering Snowflakes

This winter pose of your kid showering snowflakes playfully and carefully has it all a photo needs to become the best click. Let your personal photographer seize the heavenly innocence and happiness of your kid while he plays in the snow.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #14

Take Picture with Snow Heart

There is no way you won’t fall in love with this winter photography pose. Although it needs your little efforts to make a snow heart, the picture is worth the time you took to make it. Choose an outfit with dark blue shades and hold your snow heart in hands. You are all set to take the best click with your personal photographer.

Idea #15

All on Fence

This beautiful winter photo idea is best for couples and small families. The right combination and twining of winter outfits are what make this winter photo a long-lasting memory. To achieve that, sit and stand randomly on a fence. Choose a neutral color and make each member wear a piece of cloth of that color, such as red mittens for girls, red muffler for men, red overcoats for kids, or red caps for babies.

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Idea #16

Snow Angels

This is one of the creative and artistic ideas that you might not have tried before. Ideal for couples, it is extremely simple to try and makes a pose bound to get a thousand likes. Lie down and use snow as a prop by opening your arms and legs wide. Spread snow in a way that it gives an impression of wings. Look at each other when posing like an angel and take an aerial shot.

Winter Photoshoot Tips by Personal Photographer

Idea #17

Sled Your Love One

Sled makes another cool prop for your winter photo shoot. The playful prop perfectly captures the winter vibes in your pictures. The mini vehicle is a fun ride you should not miss out, especially if you are vacationing at a place surrounded by snowy peaks. Make the most of this interesting ride by allowing your partner to draw it. Your personal photographer will lock not only your fun expressions but also the scenic beauty of the glaciers.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #18

Winter Bridges

Bridges have a unique charm. Giving a sense of connectivity, they can be an ideal spot; especially in winters where your photographer can capture some of the best shots. If you have an extended family, you can make a memorable family portrait on bridges. Try wearing check sweaters and mufflers; pair them with blue jeans to make this winter clicks more impactful. Stand in hierarchal order or according to heights and say Cheese!

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #19

Family Snowflake

This is undeniably one of the cutest photo ideas you can use to rock your Instagram. The only condition it has is that you need a lot of people to make a circle for this unique pose. Simply put, the more people you have, the larger the snowflake you will make. That is what makes it the best idea for a group of friends vacationing at some cool spot. You can make a snowflake by lying down on the floor and making a “V” shape using your feet. The pose should be well-coordinated and synchronized.

Keep your arms and feet in a similar position and give your best expression. Place the youngest member (if you are making it with your family) in the center and let your Localgrapher take an arterial shot.

Idea #20

Picture in Lake Reflection

If you want to take some mysterious winter pictures, choose settings like lakes, seas, and oceans. They make the perfect venues to click some creative winter photos as they add a special feel to your pictures. Capturing an image shown in the lake reflection is an innovative idea to make memories; especially when you are with your life partner.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

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Idea #21

Winter Night Pose

Shooting in the cold is not just confined to taking snowy landscape in broad daylight. However, you can capture some unusual and interesting poses in winter nights. Wear your night pajamas, stand in your balcony, and pose whatever you want.

The snowy landscape and beautiful night sky make a truly enchanting atmosphere for pictures. Let your personal photographer bring his/her bold night shooting photography skills to action for some outclass photos.

Couple Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #22

You, Me are One

Winter is the season of love and romance. It allows lover birds to show the warmth of their love in numerous ways and this pose is just one example. The idea behind this winter click is “pure love” and long-lasting relationship. A multi-colored woolen coat is a key element in this winter photoshoot. The couple shares the same coat by wrapping it around lovingly. Choose this pose to give some major couple goals.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #23

Mark it in Snow

Beach is not the only interesting setting when it comes to announcing the important dates. This might be a new idea for you, but white, mystical snow can be one of your options to let the cat out of the bag.

If your friends and families are eagerly waiting to find out the date of your engagement or wedding, writing it on snow and posing with it is unquestionably one of the exceptional ways to tell them. Don’t forget to capture your happy faces with the date to add sparkle to the news.

Idea #24

Winter Wedding Pose

Unlike the given winter shots, this one is more demanding and requires detailed photography. Capturing wedding photos on snowy landscapes is one of the unique ways to make your big day unforgettable. The dreamy season adds a magical feel to your pictures. You can use a black umbrella as a prop to complement the color theme of your wedding outfits.

Wedding Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #25

Winter Pose with Loads of Christmas Gifts

Christmas makes winter worth waiting. As Christmas festivities make this season even more special, adding some joyful Christmas vibes to your winter photoshoot will help you make some treasured memories.

Surprisingly, you do not need to pose with traditional Christmas tree to do that. You can incorporate this feel just by clicking with a few boxes of presents. Place the boxes on a sled and walk on the snow-covered ground while your personal photographer captures a picture-perfect. Don’t forget to use a red color ribbon to tie gift boxes’ bows to add some vitality to the scene.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

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Idea #26

Kiss under Frozen Tree

Regardless of the season, the kissing shot makes a timeless photo when it comes to expressing love for the significant one. Kissing under the frozen tree, in this regard, is one of the oldest yet impactful poses you can add to your winter photoshoot.

It flawlessly captures the beauty of the season and shows that your love for each other will never fade. Your personal photographer can guide you about the outfits you two should wear to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the photo.

Couple Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #27

On My Arms

If you don’t want to look clingy like other couples in your winter phostoshoot, this idea is for you. Don’t hesitate to show your quirky spontaneity while posing for a perfect photo with your partner.

Stand in front of a beautiful snowy peak, sit on your partner’s shoulders, and enjoy the moment to the fullest to help your personal photographer capture some super fun, exciting, and cool poses.

Idea #28

Capture Winter Vibes through Street Photography

If the idea of taking photos at the snowy landscape or frozen lakes sounds traditional and outdated to you, try out some street photoshoots. Sit on the street or walk among vehicles with a cup of smoking hot coffee to take some simple yet great images. Your Localgrapher can help you narrate your life routine in the snowy season through pictures.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

Idea #29

Make a Wintery Self Portrait

Wintery self-portraits are mandatory when you are surrounded by some stunning snowy landscapes. You can choose your favorite spot and let your personal photographer capture you and the beauty of the winter landscape in one frame.

Winter Photoshoot Tips

In a nut a shell, winter is not a season to stay indoors and miss out heavenly beauty of snowy landscapes. The season brings plenty of opportunities for capturing cool and unique photos. Whether you want to make some great family portraits or inspire friends with your solo shots, the given ideas will not let you down. Book your personal photographer and try out these amazing winter photoshoot ideas this season.

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