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(also available in Basel, Bern, Lucerne)
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My photography style can be described as bold and eclectic, with a focus on capturing the vibrant colors of natural landscapes and the striking lines of architectural features. I love to play with different techniques to add a touch of magic to my portraits, often utilizing the blurry background effect to create a dreamy vibe. Long exposures are a favorite of mine, producing captivating images by allowing light to blur and blend in unique and unexpected ways.
When the moment calls for it, I’m not afraid to add a touch of drama to my shots, especially when experimenting with black and white photography.
Overall, my style is all about pushing boundaries and capturing the beauty of the world around us through a lens that’s unafraid to get a little creative.


I like to capture unique perspectives of special architecture, breathtaking nature scenes or to shoot people and animals right in those scenarios.

Recommended places:

In Zurich or Lucern would be a great spot with its historic architecture and beautiful lake views.
The Rose Garden in Bern of course.
Every waterfall or park out there is a great place to shoot in my opinion.

Languages spoken:

Swiss German, English, German

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Photographers in Basel, Bern, Lucerne

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