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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Graduation Photography

So, your graduation ceremony is just around the corner and you want to make it memorable enough so that you can relive the moments every time you recall the event. 

However, as a final year graduate, you might be having some of the busiest hours of your life. You must have assignments to do or the toughest subjects of your semester to handle. Maybe you are doing an internship somewhere or figuring out your next steps after graduation. 

If you are already coping up with so many things, there is no need to take extra burden of “graduation photography” to all this. 

The best way to capture these fleeting moments and keep them close to you lifetime is to hire a graduation photographer. Our local photographers, in this regard love capturing graduates’ individuality, happiness, and most importantly their success. They know how to turn your simple graduation pictures into the keepsake that becomes inspiration for others.

So let’s plunge into the detail to find out everything you need to know including when you should have graduation photoshoot and how you can plan it.

When to Have a Graduation Photoshoot

Turned eighteen and you are ready and all set to conquer the world! 

After going through a lot of pressure and burning the midnight oil, you are going to get the reward of your hardships – “Your Degree”.

As mentioned above, graduation portraits or photos are not less than a memento after you complete an education program such as high school or college. As much as graduates love locking in the memories of the big day of their education career, they find choosing the photoshoot stressful or overwhelming.

Generally, students like to take graduation pictures a few days or weeks before the actual ceremony. The photos highlight your education career and include interesting props and items to showcase your passion, determination and hard work.  

Planning your graduation photoshoot before the actual date is always a better idea if you want to keep everything from outfits, location to everyone’s presence hassle-free. Know that it is a momentous occasion in which everyone including your juniors, teachers, football team and librarian want to become a part of.  

When you plan it before the ceremony date, it gives you enough preparation time.  You have a chance and time to tour your campus and include all the spots (where you have memories) a part of your graduation photography.  Plus, you have plenty of time to find or choose the best spot to take graduation portraits.

Although having a photoshoot in advance is a smart idea, it does not mean that you can’t take graduation day pics on the actual date of your ceremony. You may plan your graduation photoshoot on the day of your ceremony but need to stick to a plan and make sure that your graduation photographer gets enough time, spots and lighting to capture quality photos.

You can take photos before and during the ceremony to seize the memories with your classmates, professors, and everyone who has been your study partner.

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Where to Take a Graduation Photo? 

Since you have already planned the time and schedule of your graduation day photoshoot, it is time to consider some great locations to make your graduation day pics stand out. Not sure which locations will make your graduation photoshoot ideas more fun and unforgettable?

Check out the given options to get the best shots and poses to light up your Instagram feed with outstanding pictures of your “achievement day”.

Option #1

In Campus Locations

University Gateway

It might be a unique idea for you but the huge gateway of your university serves as a perfect spot to click some chic shots of your day. Leeds University, for example, has these big Leeds letters on the gate, making it an ideal location to take pictures.

Besides Sculpture or Art Piece in the Campus

Mostly all universities and high schools have sculptures or art pieces adding to the architectural design of the campus. If you find something similar to this on the campus, it will provide an ideal contemporary background for your graduation pictures. 

Front Yard That Overlooks the Buildings

The grassy front yard of your campus might have been your spot to relax after consecutive classless, what about taking some cool graduation day pictures there? The great views overlooking the main buildings will definitely add a unique vibe to the pictures.

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Option #2

Outside the Campus Locations

Find a Fountain

You might have not thought about taking pictures in graduation gown in front of a fountain before. But trust us; capturing pictures in front of a fountain is one of the innovative graduation photoshoot ideas. Getting clicked by a professional photographer in front of a fountain is the best way to add life to the pictures.

In the Middle of the Road

This is one of the spots to take some epic clicks of your graduation day. Choose any road that has relatively no traffic and take your squad with you. Stand or sit in the middle of the road and let your graduation photographer click some fun poses.

Street Bridges

Bridges do not only make an ideal location for your vacation photography. They make the best choice to add some dramatic lines to your graduation day photos. You can walk on the bridge, lean on the railing, or sit on the pole, flaunting your graduation day cap to give your pictures some foreground details.

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What Do You Need for a Graduation Photoshoot? 

Graduation marks one of the major milestones of your life. That is what makes capturing every single moment of it with tons of enduring images extremely important. In other words, like any other photography session, your graduation photoshoot requires careful planning, along with the right tools and things to help your lock in graduation memories perfectly. 

So what actually do you need to cover this important event of your life?  Take a look at the list to keep everything on point.  

Must-Have #1

A Photographer to Narrate Your Story through Graduation Photos

Although single images capture the moments, they rarely narrate a story. To capture the true essence of your big day, you need a series of wonderful graduation photos that highlight your journey or tell your story. Remember that only a competent graduation photographer like Localgrapher can do that with their expert photography skills.

For example, you can ask your graduation photographer to start your story by taking some morning pictures of your big day. Taking start from there, they can compile a chronological narrative to allow you to relive the auspicious occasion of your graduation for many years.

Professional Graduation Photo Shoot

Must-Have #2

Graduation Gown

No graduation ceremony is complete without a gown. It’s been an old tradition that symbolizes the determination of the graduates who have preserved and toiled their days and nights to achieve their goals. Not only this, a graduation gown doubles the feeling of honor and pride, making new graduates stand out among the crowd.  Thus, this academic robe is absolutely a must-thing every graduate should not only wear but also take photos in.

Although graduation gowns come in specific colors, you can add accessories such as tassels to them for a unique contrasting element.

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Must-Have #3

Graduation Cap

If you haven’t tossed your graduation cap, are you even considered a graduate?

Though we could have added graduation caps to the last paragraph, enlisting them separately means they are the special piece of an academic robe.  So make sure that you don’t forget your graduation cap before coming to your graduation photoshoot.

Graduation Photoshoot

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Must-Have #4

Proper Clothing & Attire

Although you will be wearing a graduation gown, you must pair it with the dress that not suits the occasion but also your personality. You can go with the dark, solid, and medium colors that complement the color of your gown. It is always better to take suggestions from your personal graduation photographer regarding the best-colored clothing.

Graduation Photoshoot

Must-Have #5

Graduation Photo Props

If you want to make your graduation day a memory to remember forever, don’t forget to use some cool graduation photo props in your photoshoot. They serve as the celebratory send-offs that enable you to capture your joyful moment as well as a craze. You can strike a pose with them, celebrate your accomplishments, and make some wonderful lasting memories to cherish forever.  

Looking for some ideas?  Check out the list below.

Picture Frame Cutouts

Perfect for the graduation photoshoot, a photo frame cutout is an easy and fun way to click with your friends and classmates. Say “cheese” and lock in the big bright smiles with the colorful graduation frames. You can also use interesting photo booth props and customized graduation day banners to bring your photos to life.

Fun Stick Props

Adding an element of humor to your pictures with stick props is undeniably a unique graduation photoshoot idea.  Try on lips, a mustache or glasses with a meaningful caption and have fun while your graduation photographers seize your precious memories.


Balloons are some of the props that can never go out of fashion. Whether you use number balloons to show off the year you got a degree or want to share the celebratory mood with the letter balloons saying “WE DID IT”, the prop is great.

Graduation Photographer


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How Much Does Graduation Photography Cost?

Generally, the costs of graduation photoshoots come between $100 and $400 and depend on the number of shooting hours. You can choose freelance photographers to create digital images of your graduation ceremony.  

However, when you choose the reputable photography services like us, we provide professional services at multiple locations; assist you in wardrobe selection, and styling.  Our easy and affordable pricing packages make hiring a graduation photographer of choice extremely hassle-free.   

Our pricing packages include the following.

Package #1

Bronze Package

We have a 30 minutes bronze package that makes a perfect option if you want a solo graduation photoshoot. You can purchase this package at just $250.

Package #2

Silver Package

Next, we have a 60 minutes Silver package that is ideal for you if you and your loved one are graduating from the same institute.  The cost of this package is just $350.

Package #3

Gold Package

Our Gold package makes the right deal as you want to get clicked with your squad or family on your graduation day. This 100 minutes package includes 60 hi-res graduation pictures and costs you only $500.

Package #4

Photo + Video Package

Last but not least, if you want something more than the simple photography, opt for our Photo + Video Package to get 60 minutes videography and photography.

All these pricing packages offer two-year backup ad high-resolution pictures. Plus, the 100 % money-back guarantee in case you are satisfied with the result is another add-on.  Thus, regardless of the pricing package you choose, the expert photography skills and affordable prices make it a great deal.

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10 Ideas on What to Wear for Your Graduation Photoshoot

Graduation photos come even better with a little bit of attire mixing. Get inspired by these 10 ideas when you will be deciding on what to wear for your special graduation photoshoot.

Short Dress

Short dresses are some of the go-to attires that you can wear in all types of formal events. To celebrate your graduation ceremony; you can opt for a simple short dress (above-knee) that reflects your mood and personality. Whether you pick a multihued cotton dress or something monochromatic, make sure to wear attire that you can carry comfortably. We will suggest you opting for the long sleeves that are visible under your gown.

Tight-fitting Bodycon

Whether you have finished Law or getting a degree for Liberal Arts, a tight-fitting bodycon gives you a perfect look.  Make it extra sharp with a solid color gown, cap, and a mini flowing skirt. You can adorn your outfit with some glamour and sparkle by wearing some pearl jewels.

Your graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event, don’t hesitate to flaunt your beautiful dress.

Midi Bodycon Frock

If you want to wear something stylish, simple yet glamorous, you can opt for a mini bodycon frock. It will not only show your curves perfectly but also convey the joy and of graduating. Choose the dark hues if your graduation gown is in light shade.

Pair of Palazzo Pants

If wearing traditional and formal dresses is not your idea to rock your graduation day look, be fashion-forward and give a shot to a pair of classy palazzo pants. Wear it with a bold shade chic top to complete your look. They are stylish, comfortable and make a timeless option for your graduation ceremony.

Off-Shoulder Gowns

A graduation-day outfit does not have to be boring!

Off-shoulder gowns may seem an odd addition to this list, but they make an excellent outfit choice for your graduation ceremony photoshoot. Classy, chic, and bold, they tell a lot of your personality and make your graduation pictures awesome.

Classic midi Outfit

Finish off your most-awaited day in gorgeous classic midi outfit. From semi-formal events to casual gatherings, you simply cannot go wrong with this classic attire when it comes to showing off your taste.  The comfort and style are what make midi outfit ideal attire for your graduation photoshoot. For a unique laidback feel, you can opt for an A-line silhouette and pair it with pumps.

A Pair of Curvy Pants with High-Neck Tops

What about celebrating your graduation day in nude shade curvy pants and high-neck tops? Although it more makes a winter outfit, the combination gives you endless options to choose colors so that you can make it season-appropriate. Give your whole look an extra feminine feel by pairing your pants with dark shade tops and stiletto.

Strappy Dress

Strappy dresses are ideal for a summer or spring graduation ceremony. Opting for a bright-colored strappy dress for your graduation pictures perfectly depicts your mood. If your graduation ceremony is in the afternoon, try a navy blue silky ensemble is a wonderful idea.

Button-Down Shirt and Pencil Skirt

Comfy, stylish, and classic, a pencil skirt, and a button-down shirt is one of the oh-so-stylish outfits for your graduation photoshoot. If the temperature is low, try a turtleneck button-down shirt with a woolen pencil skirt to stay warm.

Summer Sundress

Show up on your big day in a colorful and cool summer’s sundress to look like a “champ” in your graduation photos. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, the summery sundresses give you a cute look and complement all shades of graduation gowns.

To crown it all, graduation is an exciting event for people completing one phase of their academic life and moving on to another phase in their lives. For not only young people, but these moments are equally important and valuable for the parents also who have seen their little ones all grown up. 

Moreover, the graduation ceremonies have become common among college kids, high schoolers and even kindergarteners. These ceremonies mark the advancement of these kids to the next level or the grade of their schooling.

Thus, whether you are receiving your graduation degree or post-graduate certification, turn the moments into a memorable keepsake by hiring a graduation photographer who knows how to perfectly capture your “progress and success.

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