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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Honeymoon Photography

You just got married, you have savings, you have plans, and more importantly, you have each other. So why not experience the bliss of “traveling together” and explore the world?

There is no denying that a honeymoon is one of the best ways to not just explore the new places but also experience the joy of togetherness. Plus, you two have consumed enough in primping, preparing, and planning of your wedding. Now you need a break to set the tone of life’s new beginning. And honeymoon provides you and your partner the first memorable moments as a newly-wedded couple. It gives you plenty of time to discover the path of wedded bliss and understand each other. Not to mention, it is couples’ romantic honeymoon memories that keep the spark of their love alive when they reminisce.


Since honeymoon is one of the most memorable trips of life, what could be better than preserving the memories? Gone are the days when couples had to rely on limited photographs and traditional cameras to capture their vacation trip. Selfies and mobile phones have made clicking images easier. However, despite having expensive phones, honeymoon couples often return with blurry selfies or poorly framed shots that are usually taken by the tourists.

That means honeymoon photography is not as easy as you might have thought. Here is when the role of a professional honeymoon photographer comes into play. Honeymoon couple photography is all raging and popular business. No matter what your honeymoon destination is, you can opt for honeymoon packages with photographers to make your beautiful memories lasting.

Localgrapher’s photographers with their impeccable honeymoon photography skills make your honeymoon a trip to remember. Whether your honeymoon is safari trip, beach vacation, or a ski trip, the qualified Localgrapher can cater to all sizes and shapes of the honeymoon trip.

Not only this, if you need inspiration for the right honeymoon destination after getting married, follow our list for the great honeymoon destinations that are off the beaten track.

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Where to Go for a Honeymoon?

Narrowing down your favorite honeymoon destinations may seem a fun task, but may overwhelm you with countless choices at hand. However, if you’re looking for a perfect blend of romantic vibes, gorgeous landscapes, interesting cultures, we have you covered here.

Take a look at these amazing places to spend a memorable time together.

Hot Spot #1

Bali Honeymoon

Beautiful and mystical Bali is, without a doubt, one of the best destinations to go on a honeymoon, and for some good reasons. The incredibly breathtaking island is the best place to make your love memories. There is an unending list of idyllic beaches that make this place a tropical paradise.

Imagine spending time with your love of life midst of the limestone cliffs and soft white beaches. You will surely feel out of the world while exploring luxurious Nusa Dua, mainstream Kuta, and remote beaches. Bali has beaches for every need and every mood. Take your honeymoon destination photographer to lock in the chemistry of you and your partner on the scenic location.

Honeymoon Photographer in Bali

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Hot Spot #2

Hawaii Honeymoon

Whether you want a honeymoon full of adventures or one in which you can relax and stroll around with your partner, Hawaii’s island has everything for everyone.

The stunning beaches of Hawaii are great not only to relax but also hike to scenic waterfalls and get a glimpse of an active volcano. The place is the wonderland to make the most of professional honeymoon photograph. Capture amazing photos on the sandy beaches that have a perfect honeymoon-esque atmosphere.

Honeymoon Photographer in Hawaii

See Honeymoon Photographers in Hawaii

Hot Spot #3

Maldives Honeymoon

The Maldives are a great honeymoon spot to head to if you and your loved one want to de-stress and get away from the crowd. Maldives’ remote islands flow with romance and seclusion. The resorts have extravagant amenities and services that keep the couples tied to their private bungalows.

Book your honeymoon destination photographer to venture out and capture you when you’re engrossed in the tranquil beaches of Maldives.

Honeymoon Photographers in Hawaii

See Honeymoon Photographers in Maldives

Hot Spot #4

Cambodia Honeymoon

If you’re a savvy traveler and looking for an enchanting and fresh destination to celebrate your new beginning, have Cambodia in your bucket list.

The place is no less than a heaven for honeymooners. From exploring the wildlife of South Cardamom, hiking, boat excursions to private Islands of the southern coast, the place is full of lively activities. Couples love going on outdoor fitness circuits, open-air cinemas, and sunset bars. All you need is a honeymoon photographer to lock in the memories of your best trip with your sweetheart.

Honeymoon Photographer in Cambodia

See Honeymoon Photographers in Cambodia

Hot Spot #5

Croatia Honeymoon

You won’t want to miss out this incredibly beautiful destination if you want to experience the quintessential Mediterranean honeymoon.

Dubrovnik, particularly, is one of the ideal locations with its picturesque coastline. Let your honeymoon photographer take some romantic poses of you and your spouse on marble-paved streets, vivid islands, and rocky beaches.

Honeymoon Photographer in Dubrovnik

See Honeymoon Photographers in Croatia

Hot Spot #6

Malta Honeymoon

Both unexpected and charming, Malta is undeniably one of the ideal honeymoon destinations for newly wedded couples who want to explore the true mixture of cultures. Whether you are sunbathing, into snorkeling or marveling at the local architecture, Malta has you covered. The place stands out when it comes to satiating your cravings as Malta is known for its scrumptious meals.

Honeymoon Photographer in Dubrovnik

See Honeymoon Photographers in Malta

What to Pack for a Honeymoon? Outfits for a Photoshoot Included

When it is about packing for the honeymoon, there is nothing harm going little over-prepared. You surely don’t want to regret leaving something behind on one of the most memorable trips of your life.

Whether you will be spending five-nights on cruise or four-week trek, you need to make sure you carry all the essentials from right clothing to cash and documents. Plus, it is better to hire your honeymoon photographer before heading to your honeymoon destination. He/she can be of great help in picking the right clothing for an oh-so-beautiful couple photoshoot.

Take a look at this checklist to stay on top of your honeymoon packing.

You’re going on a honeymoon, so make sure to pack all your chic and comfortable outfits and shoes. That includes your travel shoes and dresses that you can wear in both five-star restaurant and plane. For example;

Checklist #1

Honeymoon Packing Checklist for Her

  • 2-4 dressy outfits with matching shawls and sweaters for dining and honeymoon photoshoot
  • Nice tops, pants, and capris
  • Blazers and Cardigans to add to dress variety
  • Pair of dressy flats and heels
  • Sneakers (funky ones)
  • Pieces of some inexpensive jewelry (You may leave your wedding ring at home if you catch thieves’ attention)


Checklist #2

Honeymoon Packing Checklist for Him

  • Blazer
  • Dressy pants and button-down shirts
  • Tie
  • Dressy and comfortable shoes


Checklist #3

Honeymoon Packing Checklist for Both

  • Shorts
  • Pajamas
  • Bathing suits
  • Cold-weather outfits
  • Extra jackets
  • Lingerie
  • Honeymoon playlist
  • Small gifts for your loved one
  • Massage oil


How Much to Spend on a Honeymoon Photographer?

From visiting romantic destinations to making your stories on the word-surf safaris, your honeymoon is, without a doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The average cost that a couple spends on their honeymoon is around $4,466. However, how much you spend on your honeymoon trip typically depends on your personal budget, locations, hotel, resort, and amenities you choose to have. Professional honeymoon photography is an important part when couples make a budget for their trip.

Of course, every couple wants a professional honeymoon photographer without breaking the bank. In short, they look for honeymoon packages with photographers. The average cost of hiring a honeymoon photographer can go up to $500 per hour and depends on the length of your trip and the number of photoshoots you want. When hiring a honeymoon photographer, consider the following aspects of the photography package;

  • Photoshoot charges per hour
  • Post edited images
  • Delivery time
  • Additional charges such as taxes and travel expenses

Only when you are satisfied with all these areas should you book your honeymoon photographer. Luckily, hiring a Localgrapher is an ideal decision when it comes to meeting all these requirements. We offer comprehensive honeymoon photography packages from which you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

For a couple of photography, you can opt for our Silver Package which is only $350 per hour. You get 35 edited hi-resolution photos in just four days!

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10 Reasons Why Hire a Honeymoon Photographer

Hiring a honeymoon photographer is an excellent way to enjoy some quality time with your life partner. A lot of couples regretted when they afterthought or overlook the idea of getting clicked by a professional honeymoon photographer and don’t have quality photographs of their most loved journey. If you don’t want to be one of them, ponder over the following reasons to hire a honeymoon photographer;

Reason #1

It is Your First Adventure Together

No reason can be justifiable enough when it comes to comparing it with this one. You have been engrossed into endless planning of your engagement and wedding, now the hype of this big day is over, you need to take a relaxing break with your spouse! And this epic part of your journey deserves to be preserved both beautifully and professionally.

Honeymoon Photographer

Reason #2

Selfie Overload

A trial session of getting a perfect selfie with a visible background is without a doubt hassling and tiring. Though selfie sticks have provided some relief, carrying them everywhere is tough. Booking a honeymoon photographer means you can have pictures of you and your spouse goofing around on the islands or wrapping up in the arms of each other. No need to hold selfie sticks for long hours.

Honeymoon Photographer

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Reason #3

It Is Your Relaxing Time

Wedding craziness is over! It is time to feel free, relaxed, and of course, good. Hire a honeymoon photographer for two to three hours and stay in your vacation mode. Get cozy and clicked at the beach, café or Airbnb.

Honeymoon Photographer

Reason #4

To Capture the Fleeting Moments

People often don’t realize how they lose moments that are supposed to enjoy in the struggle to click the perfect pictures themselves. Honeymoon is your time, and you must ensure to immerse in the moments to strengthen your bond with your life partner. Having a professional honeymoon photographer along with you takes the stress off your shoulders and let you enjoy and capture fleeting moments.

Honeymoon Photographer

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Reason #5

Excellent Couple Shots

You’re newlyweds, and your couple pictures need to have some romance essence. A lot of couples feel ashamed or relegated when capturing romantic couple shots in public. Your honeymoon destination photographer is a solution to this problem. He will frame the beautiful representation of your love and the scenic backgrounds around you.

Honeymoon Photographer

Reason #6

Professional Quality Pictures

Professional photographers can enhance the quality of your honeymoon pictures with their advanced cameras, professional gear, lighting, and different lenses. They can even make the regular shots incredibly beautiful with their high-end equipment.

Honeymoon Photographer

Your Phone Will Not Do You Justice
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Reason #7

Post Editing

There is no need to waste your time in correcting and editing the images of your honeymoon trip if you have hired a professional couple photographer. With Localgrapher, you will get hi-resolution edited pictures in 4 business days.

Honeymoon Photographer

Reason #8

Location Knowledge

A local photographer can be your guide in terms of informing you about the picturesque locations for your honeymoon photoshoot.

Honeymoon Photographer

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Reason #9

The Photographer Will Be Your Fashion Guide

In addition to guiding about the right locations to make memories, a professional destination photographer can guide you about the right outfits that complement the location and weather.

Honeymoon Photographer

Reason #10

Localgrapher Makes Your Trip Memorable

Hiring a professional photographer for your honeymoon is not less than a treat to your new life beginning. He/she helps you plan trips and lets you have fun and gather memories. He ensures to make the trip memorable for your whole life by capturing your happy moments.

Honeymoon Photographer

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Nothing is surprising in that fact that 89% of couples want relaxation on their honeymoon trip. It is simply because the honeymoon is your once-in-lifetime journey. No matter how many vacation trips you plan with your spouse after that, they can’t beat the excitement, giddiness, and exhilaration of traveling together as a life partner for the first time. Hiring a professional honeymoon photographer, in this regard can help you make your trip chilling and stress-free.

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