December 11th, 2020

How to Find the Best Engagement Photographer Anywhere in the World

Unlike other event vendors (flower, music, and arrangement), photography is not something you can hear, taste, or see until the photos come out. In short, you do not know really what you will get in the end. That means selectiveness and thorough research are equally important when it comes to selecting photographers. It becomes even more important when you are looking for an engagement photographer. From artistic style, personal demeanor, to professional skills, you need all the qualities to make your special memories.

That is to say, whether you are planning your secret proposal or engagement ceremony, it is a thrilling and exciting time. You want to lock in all fleeting moments of this beautiful time. And one way to do is to find a professional photographer who specializes in capturing perfect-pictures for events like proposal photoshoot, engagement, or weddings. While planning these events is fun or thrilling, many people feel overwhelmed when it is about choosing the right engagement photographer.

It is because you can preserve the memories of your engagement day in the pictures your photographer captures. The beautiful pictures recreate the atmosphere, the joy, and the excitement, of your special day. Even a single image of your engagement brings back all the beautiful memories within minutes.

Choosing the best engagement photographer is of paramount importance if you are having a grand event or ceremony. A photographer needs expertise when they have to handle guests and make them comfortable. Even if it is a small proposal photoshoot, you need a pro photographer who knows how to make your secret proposal a lifetime memory.

The competent photographers masterfully capture all the precious and valuable moments of your love story. They understand how important these beautiful moments are for two souls who decide to tie the knot and begin their new journey by “saying yes” to each other.

No matter how you want to celebrate your most- awaited moments, a proposal photoshoot is necessary. And for capturing the unforgettable moments, you need a proposal photographer who has the following qualities.

What Are the Qualities to Look for in Your Engagement Photographer

Quality #1

Engagement Photography Experience

Experience in the relevant genre of photography is mandatory when it comes to taking professional and classic photos. Although anyone can take photos, the idea likely to ruin the most important souvenir of your engagement day.

Your secret proposal is an invaluable and once-in-a-lifetime moment. It will not come again, and that is what makes it an event that you want to photograph with all perfection. Simply put, you can‘t take any risks or do experiments when it is about your capturing your engagement photos.

You might not believe the fact that many new professionals in the photography field avoid proposal photoshoot or engagement photography. It is because they do not want to take the pressure and responsibility of taking photos of someone’s best day. In addition, they know that engagement photography requires them to be on their toes, and they have to be patient to capture the unique poses of a couple.

Experienced photographers, on the other hand, know how to plan and visualize your special day. Taking inspiration from your love story, engagement photographers not only seize your memorable moments but also help you make it a perfect proposal.

Secret Proposal Photography

Quality #2


It is another important quality an engagement photographer must-have. Your photographer has to be accommodating in terms of choosing poses, payment packages, venues, and time. It is important to see how willing your engagement photographer is for customizing the set packages. Is he flexible with changing his/her photography style according to your comfort level? Plus, ask if he/she is fine with your chosen locations for the engagement session.

Wandering Wanderluster

Quality #3

Creativity and High Quality

Quality and creativity are the basic features that set a professional photographer apart from an ordinary picture-taker. Today, the photographer can do a lot more than just making a floppy of digital images. That means your engagement photographer must have these two qualities to pull off your secret proposal photo shoot.

How to Find the Best Engagement Photographer

Quality #4


You might not consider this as important as other qualities in your engagement photographer, but it does make a difference. As you cannot book your engagement venue without seeing it, you should not book a photographer without meeting him/her or seeing his/her work.

Know that the personality of your photographer has to be easy-going to make you and your loved one feel comfortable during the photoshoot. There has to be a connection between you and your engagement photographer that keeps you calm and stress-free when you are proposing the love of your life. Plus, meeting your photographer in person is also important to evaluate his/her passion and commitment to photography.

Engagement Photography Tips

Quality #5

Back-up Equipment

A professional photographer always works with sufficient bake up equipment to avoid sudden technical issues. As mentioned before, your engagement is your once-in-a-lifetime moment. You have only one shot to capture the moment. That is why it is imperative to find out you have hired a professional proposal photographer who is not only an expert but also well-prepared with his/her back equipment.

Professional Proposal Photographer

Quality #6

Online Image Sharing

You live in a digital era in which you can share dozens of things from pictures to documents with your one click. Your engagement photographer must have advanced methods of picture sharing to keep everything hassle-free. Localgraphers, for example, uses a convenient method for sharing engagement or proposal photos. Once you are done with your proposal photoshoot, you can see your pictures in your online gallery in just 4 days after the photoshoot.

Professional Proposal Photographer

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What Are the Best Destinations Where You Should Hire Your Engagement Photographer

From oceans to castle ruins, the earth is full of stunning locations and destinations when it is about making the announcement for your relationship or proposing your loved one. Look at these beautiful places to make your secret proposal extra special.

Destination #1


The country of oh-so-beautiful places is undeniably one of the perfect destinations to make your secret proposal moments immortal. Whether you propose to your wife-to-be on French Rivera or choose any idyllic vineyard that has wide stretches of lilies and lavenders, the beauty of France makes for a chic proposal photoshoot.

Secret Proposal Photoshoot in Porto

See Available Locations in France

Destination #2


A classic destination to experience serenity, Greece is a must-to-visit place. Lovely Santorini, for example, is an ideal spot for not only vacationing but also taking awe-inspiring engagement photos. Plan your secret proposal with your engagement photographer in Greece to capture some amazing post-card views.

How to Hire a Surprise Engagement Photographer

See Available Locations in Greece

Destination #3


Irish hills and Isles such as Emerald make a romantic destination, especially when you want some exclusive spots for your proposal photoshoot. Besides this, the country is full of dramatic cliffs, charming villages, and tranquil beaches to make your lifetime commitment. Imagine proposing to your significant one among soaring cliffs or colorful wildflowers while your engagement photographer seizes the moment.

See Available Locations in Ireland

Destination #4


If you have not heard about the beauty of Mexicana places for doing proposal photoshoots, you are probably missing something amazing. The Mexicana Peninsula, such as Cancun and Yucatan, offers a plethora of noteworthy sites for your engagement. The beautiful beaches and magnificent hotels are the places to explore. Grab love of your life, step onto the iconic cliff-side temple, and go down on your knees to say the magical words. Do not forget to book your proposal photographer to capture your joyful moment.

Photographer in Cancún, Mexico

See Available Locations in Mexico

Destination #5


You can enjoy the perfect portraiture of your secret proposal even in the northern regions, like Iceland, with a creative Localgrapher, like Aleksandra. From black beaches, waterfalls to glaciers, she knows all the right places for your memorable engagement photography.

See Available Locations in Iceland

Destination #6


Austria is a romantic and wonderful place to propose to your girlfriend no matter what season it is. The lush green landscapes and towering mountain range execute all you need to make your engagement proposal exciting and memorable. Let your engagement photographer grab your special moments and turn into a wonderful memory.

See Available Locations in Austria

Destination #7


If you are not fond of romantic dinners or sunsets, yet want to make your secret proposal a great memory, Finland is your place. The northernmost region entails a subarctic wilderness that makes you go down on your knees and propose to your loved one. A bottle of champagne, and your engagement photographer all you need to make this a long-lasting memory for your girl.

How to Find the Best Engagement Photographer

See Available Locations in Finland

Destination #8


Nothing can be better than a proposal accompanied by a 3-hour hike to create the suspense. How about proposing to your girlfriend at the peak of Pulpit Rock? There is no doubt that the snowy peak can make a picture-perfect backdrop for your proposal photoshoot if your to-be-life partner is not afraid of mountains or heights.

The insta-worthy idea will surely make your friends go crazy over your creativity. However, only your Localgrapher can help you take this proposal idea to the next level.

Professional Proposal Photo Shoot

See Available Locations in Norway

Destination #9


How about exchanging rings in the vintage Montserrat Mountains of Spain. You need nothing except a bottle of Champagne and a beautiful ring, of course, to make your proposal memorable for your partner.

How to Plan A Proposal Photo Shoot

See Available Locations in Spain

Destination #10


If you have been a sunset lover all your life, then do not think further and head to Croatia for an outstanding engagement proposal. Confessing your love to your partner at scenic spots like Sea Organ will make your partner feel at the top of the world. Let your Localgrapher capture all these moments of happiness and love so you can cherish them forever.

Secret Proposal Photoshoot

See Available Locations in Croatia

Find Best Engagement Photographers Near You: Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa

Are you looking for something specific? Why not narrow down your options for your proposal photoshoot in the most romantic cities around the globe? Let us check out these exotic and beautiful engagement photoshoot locations in Europe, USA, Asia, and Asia.

Best Locations for Your Engagement Photoshoot in Europe

Tip #1


Vacationing in Paris? You must seize the romance feel in your proposal pictures and our Localgrapher Axel can help you do it with his dexterity in photography. The creative photographer excels at making shoot portraits and captures not only your faces but also emotions and feelings. He can recommend the best spots for your proposal photoshoots such as Bibliotheque Francois, Eiffel Tower, and Montmartre.

Photographer in Paris, France

Tip #2


Venice, the iconic Italian city has plenty of incredibly beautiful spots to enjoy the climax of your love story. St Mark’s Basilica, for instance, is one of the spots that serve as a gorgeous backdrop for your secret proposal. All you need is to book your engagement photographer and surprise the love of your life with a beautiful ring.

What to Wear for a Photoshoot

Tip #3


No one can seize the serene beauty of Barcelona better than Alvaro. If your proposal’s location is this scenic city, Alvaro can guide you about some wonderful options for making your secret proposal an extraordinary event of your life.

How to Find the Best Engagement Photographer

Tip #4


Looking for capturing some effortlessly chic proposal poses in Positano? Book Biago! The creative photographer has an excellent reportage style and beautifully clicks the joy, smiles, and happiness of your life’s fundamental moments.

Secret Proposal Photography

Tip #5


Francesco is another competent photographer in our family who specializes in capturing the emotions through impeccable shots. The elegant and contemporary style of Francesco makes his work stand out. Francesco can help you plan your proposal photoshoot at some of the romantic and fantastic locations of Rome.

Secret Proposal Photographer in Split

Tip #6


To make memories of your special moments in Dubrovnik, you need a freestyle photographer who knows how to capture the beauty and magic of the moment. Nino, in this regard, is one of the best engagement photographers in Dubrovnik who carries an amazing freestyle to capture picture-perfect proposal shots.

Secret Proposal Photoshoot in Porto

Tip #7


Pro at capturing the love bond between two soul mates, Harianas can be one of your choices for your proposal photoshoot in Stockholm. The creative photographer clicks the best candid poses of his clients who do not know how to express their feelings.

Photographer in Stockholm, Sweden

Find Your Engagement Photographer in Europe
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Best Locations For Your Engagement Photoshoot in the USA

Tip #1

Los Angeles

Visiting California? If you are in the dreamy state of the USA, you must have its popular city “Los Angeles” on your radar.  It is, without a doubt, one of the beautiful cities to celebrate romance and love. It has many places with breathtakingly beautiful spots such as Venice, Manhattan, and Malibu Beach. The scenic beaches have a unique character that will add something special to your secret proposal.

Personal Photographer in <a href='' data-lazy-src=

Tip #3

New York City

NYC with its hipster hangout and modern urban locations makes an ideal place to celebrate your love. The city has some great options that can complement your personal style of an intimate proposal. Plan your engagement photography on the rooftop of gorgeous hotels or take a horse carriage ride in the parks to propose to your girlfriend.

Localgrapher Sofi is an ideal choice if you want to propose to your soul mate in New York or New Jersey. The engagement photographer excels at capturing light and candid poses. She concentrates, catching the pure emotions of two people while they exchange rings.

Photographer in New York, USA

Tip #1

San Francisco

While this beautiful city has some amazing spots to propose to your loved one, you have many opportunities to use your creativity: Plan a unique surprise proposal at Golden Gate Park or the Muir Woods. There is no denying that these spots in San Francisco are wonderful for a dreamy proposal.

Engagement photographer in San Francisco

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Best Locations For Your Engagement Photoshoot in Asia

Tip #1


Not all photographers can do justice with the beauty Maldives when it comes to capturing both postcard views and emotions of two lovebirds. Only Localgraphers like Ali have the right amount of experience and skills to capture the beginning of your love story.

Anniversary Photoshoot Session in Maldives

Tip #2


Bali is definitely a worthy choice when you are looking for a perfect proposal location. The stunning resorts and antique temples give out an amazing intimate feel to make the idea of your secret proposal work.

Photographer in Denpasar, Bali

Tip #3


Bangkok is another magical destination to make your secret proposal a moment to remember. The city glows, especially in the valentine season with lights and romantic music. Whether you choose to propose at the Asiatique Ferris wheel or take your significant one on a cruise to propose to her, the magnificent sights of Bangkok’s beauty will make it incredible.

Secret Proposal Photographer in Bangkok

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Best Locations For Your Engagement Photoshoot in Africa

Tip #1


Imagine proposing to your loved one amidst of standing landmark of the Wonder of the world. Wouldn’t it be the most romantic proposal of your life? Well, if you are holidaying in the magnificent city “Cairo”, one way to make the most of this ancient place is to plan your secret engagement there. The dazzling Pyramids of Giza will add a majestic feel to your proposal photography and make it long-lasting.

Photographer in Cairo, Egypt

Tip #2


The beating heart of Kenya, Nairobi is one of the most adventurous places you can have on your travel list. You might not have thought to propose to your significant one in the intricate waterfalls and Monate foothills of tropical woodland. Choose fascinating places and forests or any other iconic landmark of Nairobi and confess your love to your girlfriend. Don’t forget to take your Localgraher to capture the moments.

Engagement Photographer in Nairobi

Tip #3


Marrakesh is the jewel of North Africa as it is full of interesting places to propose to your girlfriend. From gorgeous beaches to stretching coastlines, you have tons of stunning options to make your special moment even more special. The charming riads, enchanting gardens, and gorgeous coastal bluffs, this soaring metropolis makes a perfect spot for the lovers to make their proposal ceremony immortal.

Engagement Photographer in Marrakesh

Check Out Portfolios of the Best Engagement Photographers in Africa
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In a nutshell, proposing to your soul mate is undeniably a life-changing moment for you. Not only you but your partner also wants to relive it repeatedly. Only a professional engagement photographer has the right set of skills and knowledge to click the best poses for your proposal photography.

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