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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
May 10th, 2021

Creative Photo Ideas for Your Family Holiday Card 2020

As the holiday season quickly approaches, everyone’s looking forward to the cheerful season. It is an excellent outlet to unwind from an otherwise busy and chaotic life. Moreover, it is a perfect time to have your near and dear ones gathered under one roof and feast together. Of course, such moments call for capturing photos to preserve memories.

So, have you started thinking about how you will pull off that perfect family photo for those cards this year? If you are clueless, you are in the right place. In this article, we have put together some creative ideas that you can easily recreate. So, if you are looking for ideas to make your next holiday card family photo a highlight, keep on reading this. 

But before we begin, let’s first explore a few essential family photography tips and tricks to help you get the holiday photoshoot right. Next up, we will discuss how you can add a creative and personal touch to your holiday photoshoot

Rule #1: Keep things Natural and Real

Children’s mood can vary from one occasion to the other. Sometimes, our little ones really aren’t in the mood for no reason and just do not want to pose. But how to fix this if you don’t want your holiday photo to be ruined? In such situations, we suggest you don’t stress and force them to pose for the picture. In fact, just let them be and let the picture come off as candid and real. This is going to come off as far more authentic and will give you something to laugh at and cherish later whenever you go through your family pictures or look at the photo cards.

Rule #2: Assess the Location Well

You must first visualize how the location you have chosen will appear in the frame. When you set out to pick the best location, take note that the location should not be just aesthetically appealing but also have ample lighting. This way, you won’t have to take additional equipment to facilitate lighting. 

If the shoot is indoors, make sure to choose a spot that allows enough natural lighting to come in. Similarly, if the shoot is outdoors, pick daytime as it allows more natural light. Other than this, ensure that the said location has enough space to accommodate your family, along with anyone else who will be joining you. 

Rule #3: Hire a Private Photographer 

Compared to taking your own pictures, hiring a professional photographer will give you the shot of your dreams. Of course, unless you have and know how to use a professional camera. However, even if you are good with a camera, it can be stressful. So, it is best to hire a professional to take some of that stress off your shoulders. 

If you do it yourself, you will have to take care of pretty much everything, from arranging the perfect lighting to renting adequate gear. So, isn’t it best to have a holiday in its truest sense, get some help, and hire a professional photographer?

Now that you know some basic family photography tips let’s explore how you can add life and creativity to your holiday card photos. 

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Spooky & Fun Photo Ideas for a Halloween Holiday Card


Tip #1: Include Candies

It might not be a very good idea if you have teeny tiny kids with you as it can get messy. But, since candy and Halloween go hand in hand, what better way than making your family’s favorite candies or snacks a part of this family photo.

Tip #2: Add pumpkins

Since pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, it can be a nice idea to include a pumpkin background for your Halloween family photo.  If not this,  each one of your family members can hold pumpkins and smile away in the photo.

Tip #3: Add Special Effects

Consider adding some glow-in-the-dark jewelry to you and your children’s costume for a perfect Halloween photo. In addition to this, get a fog machine to add some extra spookiness to your photo. After all, what is a Halloween photo without a little dramatic spookiness to your holiday cards?

Tip #4: Use Props

Halloween means having a lot of props at your disposal. You can simply enhance your family photo using one or all of these for a perfect family photo this Halloween.  You can use pumpkins, lollipops, or broomsticks. The more creative you get, the more unique the card will be.

Tip #5: Opt for Matching Costumes

A family photoshoot without matching costumes? That’s boring. Nothing is more exciting and fun than a family opting for completely matching family costumes. A classic pick would be that of the Adams Family. Whatever you choose, make sure you all match. Next up, set up a spooky backdrop, gather all your props, and get in the character for that perfect Halloween family photo.

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Best Photo Ideas for a Family Holiday Card on Thanksgiving 2020


Tip #1: Pose with a Turkey

Yes! This is one way to really bring out the traditional Thanksgiving vibes in the picture. You and all of your friends and family members can pose with a real turkey or use props to pose for a family picture this Thanksgiving.  What better way than this to round off the day, no?

Tip #2: A Photo by the Fireplace

Posing by the fireplace can be a great way to add holiday cheer to your photo. You can also pull off a candid pose of you and your friends and family enjoying turkey by the fireplace and have your personal photographer click the shots.

Tip #3: Fall Decorations

You can set the backdrop around fall, so your pictures radiate the joy of Thanksgiving. Make a garland out of fall leaves for a scenic prop. You can also put up a fabric of earthy tones imprinted with fall leaves to go with the whole theme. Make sure to measure the size of the fabric to know you have enough to cover the entire wall.

Tip #4: A photo by the tree

If you are taking the family photo outdoors, take it by the side of a lush, colorful tree, or at a spot where there is a pile of autumn leaves. This will really bring out the whole theme together!

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The Most Creative Photo Ideas for a Family Christmas Card


Tip #1: Get Dressed in Your Christmas Pajamas

Aiming for the best Christmas photo ever? Nothing is cuter than a pajama picture on your Christmas card! Get you and your family matching pajamas for a cutesy photograph this Christmas.  Opt for fancy pajamas with red fur lining to match with the Christmas theme. If not this, then green and red with Santa Claus-themed patterns are a great choice. 

The best part is that it is super easy to pull this theme as pajamas related to the theme are available in advance. So, there is no hassle involved! Are you ready for the pajama party on your Christmas cards?

Tip #2: Take a Mirror Shot

Has your photographer (not that this ever happened with our Localgraphers) ditched at the last minute? No worries! A mirror shot is quite a creative take when it comes to traditional photoshoots. Not to mention, it is easy to pull off, even without a professional photographer.

Apart from the fact that it is doable when a photographer is not around, mirror shots are a fun and unique way to pull off a great Christmas family photoshoot and enjoy a memorable holiday.

Tip #3: Under the Blanket Picture

Why not allow your cards to radiate warmth and joy by having the family photograph under a quilt outside. We suggest you choose a quilt or blanket that gives a pop of color to the whole photo.  Since we are talking about the Christmas season, a bright red or green will just look perfect.

Tip #4: Pose with a Snowman

Snowmen are timeless symbols for the Christmas season, so why not take your family picture for your holiday card with one. Since it will be winter and Christmas, it is the perfect time to pose with a snowman. Make one, put on its head a Santa hat, and say cheese! There you go, your Christmas photo is ready!

Tip #5: Pose with a Christmas Tree

Everyone sets up a Christmas tree to ring in the festive year. Despite there being many creative photo ideas, posing with a Christmas tree and holding ornaments allows your photo to radiate the holiday spirit. Not only this, but you can also ask your private photographer to take some candid shots while you, as a family, decorate the Christmas tree. Remember, the more you keep it real, the more natural the family holiday card photo will turn out!

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Follow These Additional All-rounder Holiday Card Tips


Extra Tip #1: Include a photo frame of the deceased family member

All in all, regardless of the occasion, you can make your family holiday card photo photos even more memorable by incorporating a photo frame of a loved one who is no more. 

Extra Tip #2: Include the pet

Have you got a fluffy friend? You should include them in the family holiday card photo. The photos turn out to be more genuine, and your pet can help camera-shy family members feel at ease. Photos of kids with their pets are great fun and can also be a great idea to engage them and be involved during the holiday photoshoot.

Extra Tip #3: Grab a photo frame

The photo frame is one unique trend that, thanks to Instagram, has made taking photos a unique and fun-filled experience. Make sure you get yourself customized photo frames as per the occasion (Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween) to pose with for the holiday photoshoot. You can have your child stand at the center while you hold the frame and pose. Or, the entire family can just squeeze inside the frame and say cheese together.  It is your call!

Props for Christmas Photo Shoot

And this is it!

That’s a wrap for our holiday card photo ideas. We hope you liked our categorical suggestions, and each one of them becomes a part of your next family holiday card photo.

Oh, and hey! Don’t forget to book your holiday photo sessions early, as the holiday season is always a busy time of year. This way you’ll be able to fully plan out what kind of photo shoot you want to do, secure the time and date you desire, and send out your holiday cards on time.

May this year’s holiday season turn out to be blissful and full of blessings. And, may you get to see many more in the future!

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