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Make the Most out of Your Antwerp Shoot

Tip #1

The Best Time of Year to Visit Antwerp, Belgium

For many warm climate inhabitants, Belgium is a fantastic summer escape since the summers rarely reach exorbitantly high temperatures. However, what many don’t realize is that the winters in Antwerp are equally mild, especially when compared to its neighboring countries.

You may be excited to find out that there is more to Antwerp than just its sparkling diamonds, though that’s not a bad reason to visit one of Belgium’s most northern cities! If you’re making a trip through Europe and would like to make a stop in Antwerp, here are some of the things to expect during each of its rich seasons. Then you can decide which photographer you would like to hire during your stay in Antwerp, Belgium!

Tip #2

Visiting Antwerp in Spring

One of the beautiful advantages of visiting Antwerp in spring is the long daylight hours, especially the later we move into spring, the longer the daylight hours stretch. Early spring may experience fewer rain showers while the later spring temperatures may come with some heartfelt downpours, though the locals are prepared and are ready to ride their bicycles with their umbrellas overhead.

You’ll be happy to know that though Antwerp has a rich cultural history it is still a very progressive city in Europe, and if English is your mother tongue, you certainly won’t have any trouble there. Although locals speak Flemish, they also speak French, Dutch, and English. But let’s get to some of Antwerp’s rich historical sites! One of the first destinations everyone will tell you to visit in Antwerp is Antwerp’s Cathedral of Our Lady, because besides having a great name, it is also home to world-famous paintings, with a rotating exhibition every year. 

Since you will want to spend many hours outdoors, you’ll be happy to find out there are several outdoor markets, practically for every day of the week! In the markets, you can find antique gems, eco-friendly food, spices, clothing and more. If you plan on hiring a private photographer, bringing your photographer with you to the market will certainly make for a rich photoshoot! Unless, of course, you’re saving your date with your photographer for when you have finished purchasing as many diamonds as you can afford in Antwerp, then you can have a photoshoot just about anywhere! Your photographer would be happy to send pictures of you in the very finest diamonds to your Instagram account, better make it glimmer and shine! Then make sure to purchase some picnic delights from one of the markets and spend your afternoon in the sun in the many parks around Antwerp’s city center.

Personal Photographer in Antwerp

Tip #3

Visiting Antwerp in Summer

If you land in Antwerp and it’s hotter than you expected, then head over to The Boekenberg swimming pond, you’ll be pleased to find out that it’s Europe’s largest ecological swimming pool. For a great lunch or dining experience check out St. Anneke beach, where you can catch the cool breeze off the water while sipping on a coffee or a cocktail, or both!

It’s hard to imagine a city like Antwerp and not think about engagements or proposals with all those diamonds winking at you from so many storefronts. If an engagement or a proposal is on the agenda this summer, the good news is there are plenty of incredible proposal photographers in Antwerp who are available for hire, as long as you book them in advance, since the summer, like most of Europe, is Antwerp’s peak season.  

Make a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Antwerp for a romantic day among the summer flowers, and then check out the Middelheim Open Air Museum, where you can also relax under the trees in the grass with the locals and tourists alike, but beware the sculptures around the park may be a shock to your senses. In the evening you can stroll through the Rivierenhof in Deurne and catch an outdoor film with your family or friends. Check out their schedule to see what concerts are lined up this summer, and enjoy a famous Belgium beer while you’re there. And if you’re curious about the young scene in Antwerp, check out the pontoon bridge at the Steen, which is the local spot for enjoying a beer at sunset. You may even make some friends one evening who you can visit during your next trip to Antwerp!

Personal Photographer in Antwerp

Tip #4

Visiting Antwerp in Autumn

If you’re planning on traveling to Antwerp this autumn, it is the perfect season to hire a family photographer and head to the parks or high panoramic views over the city for a classy family photoshoot in Antwerp. And, if you’re eager to have a diverse background for your photoshoot you can travel with your photographer to the Conscienceplein square, which is one of the most charming spots in Antwerp all year long. If you’ve arrived in Antwerp in early Autumn and the weather is still extremely warm, maybe warmer than you’d like it to be, you can cool off under the Antwerp Canals, walk down the pedestrian tunnel to Linkeroever for an incredible view of Antwerp’s skyline.

If you’re interested in the art scene in Antwerp, then head over to the Het Eilandje district, where you can not only explore the MAS and the Red Star Line but all of the warehouses that have been transformed into artist studios, cafes and more. If Het Eilandje piqued your interest then the next stop on your itinerary should be Het Zuid, where you can find fine dining on the terrace, but only after you’ve taken the time to visit FoMu Photo Museum, the stately Museum of Contemporary Art, and several art galleries in the neighborhood. Hire one of Antwerp’s best photographers and make a photo shoot out of the trendiest neighborhoods in Belgium!

Personal Photographer in Antwerp

Tip #5

Visiting Antwerp in Winter

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t go swimming in Antwerp. Treat yourself to a day in the city’s oldest art deco swimming pool, the Veldstraat, where you can swim laps, relax in a hammam or in their many hot tubs. If you love to shop for antiques and vintage items then the Kloosterstraat is one street you will want to dedicate several hours to. Especially if you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts for your friends and family at home. If you need some inspiration head to The Rubenshuis first which is the home to one of the most famous preserved artist residencies belonging to artist Peter Paul Rubens. 

For more indoor activities visit the De Koninck Brewery, and if you didn’t arrive in Antwerp by train you’ll have to make a stop in the Central Train station to witness a fascinating piece of architecture both inside and out. There are several affordable photographers around the city available for hire in Antwerp and if you really want to make a special trip out of it, then hire a professional photographer for the day while you explore Antwerp’s Christmas markets, world-class restaurants, and buzzing bar scene! 

Personal Photographer in Antwerp

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