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Francesco and Vincenzo are a photographer and videographer duo who have been working together for the past 10 years. They have developed a distinctive style that focuses on capturing spontaneous moments without staged poses. Their love for their native Sicily is evident in their work, as they have a deep appreciation for the vibrant colors and breathtaking landscapes found throughout the region.
Francesco and Vincenzo’s work is a celebration of their homeland, reflecting their love for the vibrant colors, stunning landscapes, and the authentic spirit that defines Sicily


Travel :enjoys exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and immersing himself in the beauty of various destinations.
Francesco has a love for books and finds pleasure in diving into different literary genres, expanding his knowledge, and enjoying the stories written by various authors.
Practicing Judo: Francesco finds fulfillment in the practice of Judo, a martial art that combines physical techniques, discipline, and mental focus.
Playing the guitar: Vincenzo has a passion for playing the guitar, spending time creating melodies, learning new songs, and expressing himself through music.
DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and Home Improvement: Vincenzo finds satisfaction in hands-on projects, such as home improvement and DIY tasks. He enjoys working with his hands, fixing things.

Recommended places:


Ancient Theatre of Taormina: This ancient Greek amphitheater offers stunning views of the coastline and Mount Etna. Its well-preserved architecture and scenic backdrop make it a great shooting location.
Isola Bella: A small island located near Taormina, Isola Bella boasts picturesque views and a pebble beach. The island’s natural beauty and crystal-clear waters provide an ideal setting for photography or filming.

Mount Etna:

Mount Etna offer unique and dramatic landscapes. The rugged volcanic terrain, with its barren rocks and panoramic views, provides an otherworldly setting for shooting.
Valle del Bove: This vast valley on the eastern side of Mount Etna showcases breathtaking lunar-like landscapes.

Barocco di Caltagirone:
Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte: This monumental staircase consists of 142 steps adorned with vibrant, hand-painted ceramic tiles. The colorful patterns and impressive design make it a visually appealing shooting location.
Cathedral of San Giuliano: The Baroque-style cathedral in Caltagirone features intricate details and ornate architecture. Its grand façade and interior provide a majestic backdrop for filming or photography.

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Italian ,english

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