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The Best Time of Year to Visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark may just be one of the cleanest cities in the world. This well-kept city has made its way through the centuries unharmed and rich with culture, history, and notorious designer brands.

There is an abundance of things to see and do in Copenhagen, which is why we recommend you book your Danish photographer well in advance, days if not weeks before landing in Copenhagen.

Though the summer is relatively short compared to other major cities, and there are long rainy seasons, there is still no shortage of fascinating places to discover in this city. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the highlights during each of Copenhagen’s entertaining seasons.


Tip #3

Visiting Copenhagen in Autumn

Although autumn often arrives with a splash of rain and cold wind, this doesn’t seem to stop the locals from riding everywhere on their bicycles all day and all night long. We highly encourage you to act like a local and join the parade of bicycles, so you can access the city as if you were born and raised there.

As you may have already figured out, Copenhagen is knee-deep in culture and beauty. During autumn you can catch “Kulturnatten” which offers free cultural events all around the city. During the day time, you absolutely must visit Frederiksberg Have with your personal photographer in Copenhagen for a photo shoot among the beautiful autumn leaves, Roman temples, romantic bridges, and iconic statues. After your stroll through Frederiksberg Have, you will most likely end up wandering through Søndermarken, the adjacent park, which is home to underground cisterns! 

One of the most famous sites in Copenhagen is the Tivoli Gardens. During the Halloween season, you can catch Halloween-inspired shops, a stage for performances and frightening creatures strategically plotted all around the Amusement park. If you want to surprise your children, you better bring a family photographer to capture their faces when they see traditional Danish creatures roaming around the spooky grounds. 

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Tip #4

Visiting Copenhagen in Winter

Winter in Copenhagen is like a winter wonderland. The city is covered in a holiday dream, you may even begin to wonder if Christmas as we know it, comes from Copenhagen. If you arrive in Copenhagen during the months leading up to Christmas, there will be heaps of places to celebrate the upcoming fun.

The first place to start is any Christmas market. They may even be a challenge to avoid since there is a market practically around every wintery corner. This is your opportunity to try gløgg, mulled wine with raisins and almonds, with your aebleskiver, which are powdered pancakes served with fresh local jam.

If you’re traveling with your partner, or family, set an evening to go ice skating in Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg Gardens. The next evening, you can visit Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen’s most famous amusement park, which will be masterfully covered in lights, the scene is truly picturesque. Luckily for romantic souls, this season the sun sets relatively early, which gives your engagement photographer plenty of time to photographer you and your partner glowing in the winter wonderland. 

Now, if you’re really looking for an unforgettable Danish adventure, then you’ll absolutely have to go for a swim in the ice-cold canal with all of the locals! Sounds like an interesting challenge, doesn’t it? Test your limits in the city harbor baths such as Islands Brygge, Fisketorvet, and Sluseholmen, and invite your Copenhagen based professional photographer for a trip. These may just be the photos you’ll add to your Instagram account, which your photographer will be more than happy to send straight to your phone or tablet!

If the cold water is really not your thing then you may want to opt for the floating hot tubs with natural salt waters! CopenHot offers hot tubs that fit up to five people, so make sure to save a seat for your hired photographer! They won’t turn down such an incredible offer!

Christmas Couple Photoshoot in Copenhagen Denmark

Tip #5

Visiting Copenhagen in Spring

Believe it or not, even Copenhagen has affordable photographers, and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have your portrait taken during the Spring Cherry Blossom season!

During the springtime you will spend several hours outdoors, absorbing the positive vibes buzzing all around the city. Spend hours walking down Strøget, where you will find the best shopping in Denmark, spend the day around Nyhavn, where you can enjoy some of Copenhagen’s best cafes and restaurants while looking at the colorful 17th and 18th-century houses and the anchored ships rocking in the water.

Then, plan your trip to the Rosenborg Castle built by Christian IV, whose rich interior has hardly changed over the decades. You can visit the King’s chambers and view a plethora of magnificent tapestry and royal dishes. 

If you’re after the best viewpoint over the city, then you’ll have to take a deep breath and climb the stairs of the baroque Church called, wait for it, Church of our Savior, it’s true. Once you get to the top you’ll forget all about the name of the Church while marveling over the fantastic view over the entire city.

Now, let’s move on to the Copenhagen food scene. The Nordic food scene is now proudly one of the best food scenes in the world. You can take a trip around the food markets and trendy neighborhoods for the most delicious flavors. Many of the restaurants are using sustainable, organic, and local ingredients, which quite possibly adds to the rich flavors. Book a reservation at one of Copenhagen’s finest restaurants and have your proposal photographer at hand to complete the picture of your trip in Copenhagen.

The Best Time of Year To Visit Copenhagen Denmark

Tip #6

Visiting Copenhagen in Summer

Summer may just be the most popular time to visit Copenhagen. The days are extraordinarily long without overwhelmingly high temperatures. This gives you all the time in the world to visit the world-famous Danish art and design museums.

You won’t want to miss out on renting a bike this summer to explore all of the neighborhoods, parks, and gardens. Renting a bicycle gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoor weather while you travel from one delicious restaurant to the next. After visiting the famous Little Mermaid statue, check out the Kastellet fortress, which is just around the corner (almost). 

If you’re interested in Copenhagen’s art scene, then explore the squatted military area known as, The Freetown Christiania, where you may even sign up for a workshop, or find yourself just in time for a live concert. Some of the best photographers in Copenhagen may be found in this very neighborhood! For a day trip outside of the city, to one of Copenhagen’s UNESCO sites, check out Jægersborg Dyrehave, where you can find fields of deers to join you in your photoshoot! Ready for your Copenhagen vacation? Check out the prices for incredible photographers in Copenhagen HERE!

The Best Time of Year To Visit Copenhagen Denmark

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