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Make the Most out of Your Houston Shoot

Tip #1

The Best Time of Year to Visit Houston, Texas

If you’re planning on visiting Houston, Texas this year you’re probably wondering, when is the best time to visit this city? Well, that’s where we come in.

We’ve designed a comprehensive list of all the exciting things to do in Houston, Texas, besides for over-eating and drinking, though we did include those options in the list of course, because in Houston, eating and drinking like royalty is nearly impossible to avoid. And when we say like royalty, we mean in a super-sized abundance!

Here are the most exciting things happening this year in Houston, Texas and all the best moments to hire yourself an affordable photographer from the city! 

Tip #2

Visiting Houston in Spring

Spring in Houston, Texas means totally unpredictable weather. With that said, have your smartphone handy, constantly check on the weather updates, or simply look up at the sky for any incoming rain clouds that may spoil your full day’s outdoor agenda. With that said, we still recommend checking out the open-air Miller Outdoor Theatre where you can catch a live jazz show, ballet, films, and musical theater. The best part is that the events are totally free. That means, even if it does rain, you can easily come back another day for a different show this spring. If you’re absolutely committed to watching the outdoor show with all the locals while you drink your boxed wine and packed picnic, make sure to go all the way and bring along a professional photographer for your full-day activity extravaganza!  

If you’re in Houston in late spring and the weather is unbelievably warm and pleasant, then head to the Waugh Bridge for a free bat show! Okay, this may sound a bit frightening, but once you get there you’ll see just how amazing it is. If you’re setting up a unique photoshoot for a romantic proposal in Houston, this may just be your best location, we’ll leave the rest of the details up to you and your proposal photographer!

And of course, while you’re in Houston, besides for all of the delicious outdoor restaurants you’ll be treating yourself too, you’ll also have to make a stop in one of Houston’s oldest, or hippest breweries. Check out Saint Arnold, for one of the oldest breweries in Texas, or 8th Wonder Brewery, for outdoor seating and a food truck!

Vacation Photographer in Houston Texas

Tip #3

Visiting Houston in Summer

In Houston, you will certainly need a place to cool off during the hot summer afternoons. One great location is the lazy-river in the Marriott Marquis, you get access to the pool by treating yourself to a day in their spa, but this summer we think it’s very worth it!

Then if you want to spend an afternoon is Houston’s finest park, rent a bike and pedal over to Buffalo Bayou Park. You’ll be happy to find out that Buffalo Bayou Park is not just your average park, instead, they’ve installed some art installations around the trails, a glass tree house that serves food and drinks, and even a place to rent kayaks. So, if you’re traveling with your family, we recommend bringing along a family photographer from Houston to capture your day of fun in the sun during your family vacation this summer!

And, if there are no vegetarians in your party, then you can’t skip out on the famous Texan BBQ scene this summer. For top-rated locations and dishes check out Tomball’s Tejas Chocolate Craftory, Spring’s Corkscrew BBQ, and finally Truth BBQ, but we recommend trying to spread them out to at least one per day, otherwise don’t expect to do much else besides eating and recovering from your meal! 

If you can’t handle the BBQ in such high heats, head downtown to Conservatory for an underground delight, where you can find more types of beer than you’ve ever imagined, fine wine choices, and food to absorb all that alcohol consumption! If you’re curious about the art scene in Houston then Sawyer Yards is the place for you. Twice a month the artists open up their studios to exhibit their sculptures, paintings and artwork for purchase, but you can also go there just to see what’s going on. Around Sawyer Yards, there are heaps of great restaurants and bars, which means you can book your whole day around art and food, yes! You may even have your private photographer send you some of your best photos in Sawyer Yard to upload to your Instagram, not a bad idea unless, of course, you already uploaded your portraits in front of the many murals around Houston!

Vacation Photographer in Houston Texas

Tip #4

Visiting Houston in Autumn

The historic 19th Street in the Heights is a must-see if it’s your first time in Houston, Texas. If you were planning to go on a shopping-spree in Texas, this is the street you were looking for. Here you can find boutiques, cafes, vintage shops and more.

There are plenty of options for the best views of the autumn foliage, both inside and outside the parks. If you want to spend your autumn afternoon in the sun, around vibrant fall leaves, try Hermann Park or the Buffalo Bayou hiking trails. Hermann Park makes for a great engagement photoshoot scene if you hire an engagement photographer for your trip to Houston this year! And on a clear night make a trip to George Observatory for an awesome stargazing experience, but if it’s raining just head to Houston’s Space Center

For some serious indoor shopping, you’ll have to go to The Galleria, but only if you’re ready for over 400 high-end stores, just make sure you wear some great shoes because this is more than a walking tour! If you’re traveling with kids you can catch the tail end of Miller Outdoor Theatre during the day for plays, concerts and children’s films. And beware of the brunches in Texas, they usually come with Bloody Mary’s, and every possible breakfast and lunch dish you could ever imagine.

Vacation Photographer in Houston Texas

Tip #5

Visiting Houston in Winter

Underground cisterns anyone? Well, if you want a little taste of ancient Rome in the underground world of Houston, Texas, you may just have to add this location to your itinerary! You can find art installations down there, meditation sessions and walking tours. And if you’re looking for a good weekend spot with tons of whiskey and live music check out Goodnight Charlie, and when you sober up head to The Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH), for some of Houston’s best art collection. 

If you’ve treated yourself to too many delicious Texan-style dishes, take a break at the indoor Texas Rock Gym, where you can spend a few hours rock climbing far away from the restaurants and bars! Then when you’re finished, of course, you can arrange a bar crawl downtown for mezcal cocktails, dance parties, and naturally, pizza parties for a nightcap! We recommend hiring your personal photographer before you seriously embark on your pub crawl, otherwise, your photographer may be tempted in joining you in on all the fun! Check out the prices for Houston’s best photographers HERE!

Vacation Photographer in Houston Texas

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