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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
November 26th, 2020

16 Amazing Black and White Photography Ideas to Capture in the Winter Wonderland

While color photography has its own charm and magic, black and white colors give your photos an amazing timeless quality. You might have seen many people choosing black and white photography for adding a unique visual appeal to their photo. The black and white images are not only striking but also breathtaking and engaging. Whether it is about capturing shadows and lights or framing faces, black and white photography captures everything beautifully.

In addition, if it is about capturing the splendors of winters using black and white photography, the terrific pictures become immortal.

Whether you take black-and-white pictures of you walking in snow or want to lock in some memorable moments with your partner in monochrome images, they will be more interpretive and subtle than colored photography. Falling snow when captured through black and white photography forms a direct rendition to the subjects. The abstraction of reality represents only one color and shade to make images look even more real.


Black and White Photography in Winter

If you have not tried black and white photography so far, add some winning shots of monochrome photography to your picture bucket this season. Black, white, and shades of gray are perfect colors to incorporate in a magical winter photoshoot.

However, it is important to remember that not everyone can capture black and white images. Right techniques are required to make them look impactful. Black and white photography requires a different aim of clarity and focus for its subjects.

This is when you need photography professionals such as our Localgraphers who know exactly what works well when it comes to clicking the black and white photos of you and your family. With our extensive and local photography experience, our Localgraphers capture your moods, emotions, and feelings perfectly. From clicking your winter mornings to doing a solo winter photoshoot, our local photographers make your pictures magical and worthy enough to share on your Instagram.

If you want to turn your winter clicks into wonderful keepsakes, we have enumerated some wonderful black and white photography ideas here.


Unique Black And White Photography Ideas in the Winter Wonderland

Idea #1

Falling Snow and You

What can better represent a “Winter Wonderland” than a quiet scene of you silently enjoying the falling snow? Including shots of falling snow in your winter clicks is undeniably one of the best ways to add life and movement to your pictures. Even the blurred streaks of falling snow in your solo shots can capture the essence of purity and depth.

Although any place with falling snow can capture the beauty of black and white photography, venues like bridges and lakes can take the photography level to the next level. All you need is to sit beside the frozen lake or stand at one end of the bridge and look anywhere except the camera. Your Localgrapher will take valuable clicks of you sinking in the beauty of winter wonderland.

Black and White Photography Ideas

Idea #2

Run Through the Snow

The pose will make you look as you have just descended from heaven. The “running through the snow” pose is stunning and mesmerizing. The glory and subtle beauty of snow are what dominates the picture.

For example, you can run in the middle of the trees covered in white sparkling snow. The black and white photography creates a bluish and grayish ambiance, making the whole scene spectacularly beautiful. Your local photographer will capture you from the back to fit in the white trees and white ground in the frame perfectly.

It is worth noticing that this kind of striking image includes freshly fallen snow, which requires a perfect white balance in the picture. Only a professional photographer knows how to maintain this balance.

Professional Black White Photos

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Idea #3

Lost in the Beauty of Snow

Are you fond of taking some staged images? Alternatively, like posing in front of the camera? If yes, then try this outstanding and classy pose. Like the previous pose, this picture needs you to enjoy falling snow. Wear a simple winter outfit of a dark shade (any color of your choice). Feel the soft touch of snowflakes on your face, keep your palms on your cheeks, bending fingers a little bit, and make a pose. Closed eye shots are better to show how engrossed you are in the scene.

Black and White Family Photos

Idea #4

Bold and Beautiful

The best feature of monochrome photography is that it does not always require you posing. A simple look into the camera is enough to take an impactful shot. The pose is all about locking “your confident demeanor” with the camera lens. Capturing your beauty efficiently, only your local photographer can do justice with this shot. The snowflakes and your confident look will perfectly complement each other, making it an ideal pose for your black and white images.

Black and White Photography Ideas

Idea #5

Use Temperature

It is one of the simplest poses you might not have considered taking before. The cute and adorable pose emphasizes the falling temperature of this chilly season. Representing an ideal combination of a hot cup of coffee and frozen surroundings, the idea adds motion to the picture.

Put on stripped plaid and take a hot cup of coffee. Go outside and find a tree branch with falling ice droplets. Put your cup under it and look at the streak of snow while it makes its way to your smoking hot coffee. Using black and white photography techniques, your private photographer will click the best shot of you showcasing and enjoying the contrast of the two extreme temperatures beautifully.

Black and White Family Photos

Idea #6

Make Memories at Snow-toped Piers

Vacationing in the remote landscape of the Swiss Alps, Switzerland? Snow-toped piers, along with tree groves, make the stunning mountain range.

The beautiful structures create an amazing backdrop to form a long exposure for some unique black and white photography poses. If you are vacationing with your partner, the snow-topped piers make the best visual scenes to take some classic couple poses.

Sit hand in hand quietly with your partner or look into each other eyes while your local photographer seizes your unwavering love bond. The high contrast of snow landscapes will make your simple couple shots extraordinary.

Monochromatic Photo Tips

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Idea #7

Behind the Mirror

This photography idea, without a doubt, is brilliant when it comes to creating an exceptionally unique pose. The simple solo pose creatively showcases the beauty of winters and their attributes. As the title implies, the photographer clicks this black and white photo behind the glass mirror of a window.

Although it shows the half head, it beautifully captures the dreamy feel of the season. You need a skilled photographer who knows how to take the picture from the ideal angle. Cover the half head strategically with the frost on the glass while the rest (from the eye to lips) is visible. The wood window frames the expression of the face impeccably, giving the picture a professional look.

Professional Black White Photos

Idea #8

Hand in Hand

Whether it is a colored picture portrait or monochrome picture, the “hand in hand” pose makes a memorable click. Showcasing your long-lasting promise and commitment to your loved one, this romantic pose helps couples make one of the best memories of their lives. The interesting feature of this black and white photography idea is that it does not show your faces and only focus on holding hands.

The snowy background, stylish winter coats, and two hands holding each other lovingly are all that make this idea unique and easy-to-capture. This black and white photography idea does not have the expressions but depicts a great feeling of love and affection.

Professional Black White Photos

Idea #9

Hold Me Forever

Like the previous black and white photography idea, “hold me forever” portrays a love bond between two souls. This pose is ideal for couples who are together for quite a long time or having an anniversary photoshoot and want to show the world how time and commitment have strengthened their relationship.

The idea requires a couple to stand in the opposite direction in a way that one of you can lean on the shoulder of their partner, and looking straight into the camera while the other one kisses them on the head. A couple may wear coordinating outfits such as white muffler and black sweaters to complement the idea of “hold me forever.”

Black and White Photography Ideas

Idea #10

Click Some Dramatic White Storm

If you live in an area that experiences extreme cold, snowstorms are inevitable. While mild snowstorms may cause some trouble in traveling, they make spectacular and scenic scenes for capturing in your winter portrait.

If you are near the sea or lake, you are in a great setting for capturing the beauty and power of a storm. You can try plenty of black and white photo poses in this dramatic environment by embracing this natural beauty with opening arms and letting your photographer click dozens of interesting pictures.

Black and White Travel Images

Idea #11

Bid Farewell to Setting Sun

You might have seen many people capturing the crimson glow of sunrise and sunset in the colored pictures. However, the idea of black and white photos of a setting sun is relatively new. This black and white photography idea makes an excellent pose for the group of friends looking for some innovative and unique clicks to make memories.

All you need is to look at a beautiful sunset or sunrise scene whiles your Localgrapher captures the fleeting fun moment from the back. The click will turn into a great twist in the traditional and standard sunset or sunrise photos.

Monochromatic Photo Tips

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Idea #12

Make the Most of Golden Hour

Dawn, dusk, or twilight, you might have heard and seen a lot of these terminologies used for describing the first streak of light after sunrise.

However, in photography, the phrase “golden hour” refers to the softer and redder light in the sky before sunset and after sunrise. The warm sunlight adds a unique glow to the snow when winter light is fleeting, creating a perfect ambiance for black and white photography.

Whether you just lie down on the white snow with your partner or make some quirky poses with family or friends, the golden hour is the best time to click pictures. Using the golden hour in winters is a perfect way to add a beautiful snowy and frosty scene to your black and white images, especially family portraits.

Black and White Travel Images

Idea #13

Street Winter Photography

What about shooting black and white photos on the street to capture some candid poses?

Black and white photography on the streets is a new trend as it captures the serene beauty of remote roads and streets. The idea allows your photographers to narrate a unique story through pictures. Monochrome pictures on the street are your cup of tea if you want to take some solo and impactful pictures to rock your Instagram.

Black and White Photography Ideas

Idea #14

We are One – the Black Tops

This is one of the best black and white photography ideas when it comes to taking a cute and adorable family poses in a winter wonderland. The picture idea does not require your staged expressions as it is all about capturing some family moments for long-lasting memories. It is perfect for a cute winter family portrait and requires everyone has to wear black tops in the photo. The monochrome picture highlights the black tops, making a striking contrast with white snowy contrast.

To take a perfect click, choose an open outdoor space and stand in the hierarchical order. To add a unique twist to picture, make the last two members sit on the snowy land with family pets (if you have).

Black and White Family Photos

Idea #15

Play with Snow Flakes

The playful winter pose is not something to miss out on if you are looking for some fun and exciting black and white photos. Although you can take this cute click in your backyard, a bridge with falling snow makes an ideal setting to have some fun with snow.

All you need is to put on a cozy winter jacket that has a fluffy hood. Take a handful of snow and throw the flakes in the air. Let your Localgrapher grab the moment with his/her impeccable photography skills. The angelic black and white click will make your winter portrait stand out from the rest with its impressive feel.

Monochromatic Photo Tips

Idea #16

Dance in Snow

The dreamy and mystical season is not only associated with loneliness. With winter comes the festive vibes of celebration and merriness. So why not welcome it with full zeal and enthusiasm.

One way to express your happiness and contentment in winter is to dance in the falling snow with your significant one. The joy and delightfulness of “being together” will result in magical black and white clicks. There is no need to worry about the perfect dance moves when you are with your personal photographer. He/she is a pro and has expertise in capturing the right moves from the right angle.

Even a simple coordinated dance in the serene and scenic track covered with snow will create an awe-inspiring black and white image. The beautiful image will become a keepsake that takes you back in time whenever you see the pose.

Professional Black White Photos

Why Choosing Localgrapher for Your Winter Black And White Photography

As mentioned earlier, monochrome photography requires a specific set of skills to make your photos interpretive and memorable. Our professional photographers, in this regard, are the trained creatives who can capture the best black and white pictures for you.

Moreover, we have recently upgraded all galleries that we share with our travelers after the photoshoot is done. Now you can download any photos from your gallery in black and white version and enjoy them both colored and monochromatic. You can preview every picture in black and white variation to see the result and if you like how the picture looks, you simply hit the “Download” button and your photo is ready to be displayed in your family album or wall gallery.

The whimsical season of winter makes an excellent time when it is about capturing spectacular images! The cold and icy conditions create the perfect environment for mesmerizing black and white photos that you would not get in any other season. Thus, do not let this season go by without making any memories. Book your Localgrapher and seize your moments forever.

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