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Make the Most out of Your Costa Rica Shoot

Tip #1

The Best Time of Year to Visit Costa Rica

Whenever you think of vacation time, the destination of choice has to deliver. Nothing does that more than Costa Rica. Not only is there delicious food to quench your cuisine crave, but also stunning nature that will leave you in awe all through your trip.

This destination offers you more than a thousand reasons to put it at the top of your travel list. If you crave adventure or are simply a thrill-seeker, then this right here has to be your number one go-to place. The water rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, zip-lining, sky diving, cliff diving and a myriad of other adrenaline-pumping activities will get you hooked and entertained. You will definitely have the time of your life. Better yet, a photographer in Costa Rica will make your moments there unforgettable with the very best of shots this place has to offer.

Tip #2

Climate in Costa Rica

Before we even get down to the destination and all its magnificence, the weather is the most important thing that we need to put into serious consideration.

A plan with the wrong weather can end up ruining your entire vacation and wishing you had invested those savings in stocks or something else. Fret not. The weather in Costa Rica is bound to work out for any kind of traveler, depending on preference and what they seek. 

This Central American state boasts two distinctive seasons; dry season and wet season. Both seasons have something to offer and it basically depends upon an individual preference to pick which of the two works out best for you.

The best time of the year to go down on a trip to Costa Rica would be between Mid-December all the way to April. This marks the dry season. During this period there is plenty of sunshine that makes it the perfect time for your professional photographer in Costa Rica to capture the best pics for you to flaunt on Instagram. It is actually the most popular time among many travelers. The weather is perfect for a little lounging on the beaches and a glorious experience while at it. A little heads-up though; prices are up and places are flocked as it also happens to be the peak tourist season. 

If you are into some bit of less crowds and little showers here and there, then the wet season would be the ideal time to visit. The forests are out in full range in their deep green foliage that makes nature come to life in full swing. Your personal photographer in Costa Rica will make your photo sessions easy like a Sunday morning with memories well captured and set for reminiscing once you are back home. Notably though, the weather varies region by region. In the Caribbean coasts and Northern plains, you should expect some high humidity and temperatures ranging between the 70s and 80s. in the Northern Pacific, however, there are lower humidity levels and temperatures a bit higher in the dry season, reaching up to the 90s.

Tip #3

Visiting Costa Rica During Dry Season

December to April ushers in the most sunshine and tourists along with it. Beach seekers and travel enthusiasts stream in huge numbers to explore this haven’s sandy shores and spectacular rainforests and they all leave majorly satisfied and in awe.

Ever heard of waddling green turtles? Then this right here is the best time to witness them first hand in their full splendor. In love with a little bit of more action? Come by during this season and you will experience an array of activities including live music, dance, late-night parties, and bullfights as well. Your private photographer in Costa Rica will be ready to deliver on all fronts when it comes to matters photography. If you are on a budget, don’t worry, as there is a selection of affordable photographers that you can get to hire.

Enjoy Fun Photo Shoot at the Beach

There is no other time that gives you a nice beach experience than Costa Rica’s dry season. If you are adventurous, non-adventurous or just need a break in between adventures, then get ready to get your mind blown away like never before.

The country owns more than 1000 miles of coastline. Can you believe that? 1000! It could all be yours for pleasure. Be ready to walk hand in hand with your better half along the sandy beaches as your engagement photographer spices on to your romance with the perfect shots of your love. As a matter of fact, Costa Rica prides in being home to the most scenic and beautiful beaches globally.

Personal Photographer in Costa Rica

Tip #4

Visiting Costa Rica during Wet Season 

Also known as the Green Season, Costa Rica’s wet season has a lot to offer if you are the kind that loves fewer crowds, better prices and definitely don’t mind some showers.

Get ready to get yourself in total amazement given the beauty that this season brings to the table. The gorgeous green foliage is simply magical if not heavenly. The showers mostly begin in the afternoon and last for a few more hours. This is your chance to catch natural wildlife in all its pure glory. A photoshoot in Costa Rica will see to it that you carry the memories and good times along with you back home. If you have your family with you, this is the best time for your family photographer in Costa Rica to make the very best of the moments and bring all together in one nice memory-filled shot that you can all look at and smile about. 

Capture Some Perfect Shoots While Surfing

Being a world-class surfing destination, Costa Rica is the one place you want to surf for an experience like none other. Surfing here during the wet season makes the whole thing twice as fun. It is not as crowded, the waters are just right and the weather even better. If you are a novice at surfing, you need not worry as there are numerous surfing schools at your disposal.

Personal Photographer in Costa Rica

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