15. 10. 2019

15+ Professional Vacation Photographers from Prague, Vienna, Budapest & Bratislava You Should Know About

Are you planning a wonderful trip to Prague, Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava? If you are, you’re definitely in for a once in a lifetime adventure. These Central European destinations have so much to offer, from breathtaking landscapes, interesting beer-culture and traditions, compelling architecture, secret cobblestone paths, and striking new flavors in their open markets. 

And hey, you’re going to want to capture it all. We’ve got just the thing for you – the perfect people eager to help you capture it! Yes, we’re talking about our fellow Localgraphers. Passionate professional photographers who will not only guide you through a wonderful and smooth-going photoshoot,  but they also speak the local language, know their way around town, and most importantly they’re friendly and welcoming to fellow travelers. Dedicated to their craft, our professional photographers will make sure they capture superb photographs for you to relive the splendid moments throughout your trip.

If this is what you’ve been looking for, take a look around and get to know our professional photographers you can hire for your next trip, let’s go, shall we?

The Best Professional Photographers in Prague

Number #1

Zdenka, Your Professional Photographer in Prague

Zdenka’s style is so unique. She loves to see people under a distinctive light and looks to capture the true emotion in her photographs. She speaks both Czech and English, loves exploring new cultures and meeting new people from around the world.

One of her favorite spots to shoot in Prague is Petřín. She loves this spot due to the contrast between nature and the city around it. It’s a great spot to catch a lovely glimpse of Prague too. Another one of her favorites would be the medieval atmosphere created around Prague Castle if you want to shoot some of Prague’s antique architecture. 

You can request Polaroid photos if you like this style too. She works for all kinds of occasions, from wedding to family, kids, and solo travelers.

Professional Photographer in Prague

Number #2

Gabriel, Your Professional Photographer in Prague

If you’re looking for some edgy and upscale photos, you’d go to Gabriel in Prague for sure. He’s into lifestyle, advertising, and fashion photography. This means that he will definitely capture some very unique shots for you throughout your trip. 

His favorite places to shoot in Prague are in Letna Park, Wenceslas Square, and by the riverside nearby the Dancing House. He speaks English & Spanish and knows his way around the city. Check out his services and shooting occasions available by heading over to his profile!

Professional Photographer in Prague

Number #3

Braulio, Your Professional Photographer in Prague

Braulio is passionate about photography and will make sure your final shots convey authenticity. He will make sure you feel comfortable and will guide you through the shoot all the way. 

Braulio is often booked and has some secrets up his sleeve to capture some spontaneous laughter, dramatic poses, happy shots, and has a true passion for detail. If you’re looking for some prodigious photography of landscapes, sunset, or other embellishments, Braulio is the professional photographer you need in Prague!

He will definitely shoot anywhere you like, but will also add his own perspective and creative input to get you to express your emotions and transmit that to the camera. Braulio will make sure you don’t have to walk a lot to achieve perfect shots.

Professional Photographer in Prague

Number #4

Chelsea, Your Professional Photographer in Prague

With a charming New York accent, Chelsea is waiting for you in Prague to capture some amazing travel photography. She loves to focus on documentary-style photography and works with strong colors and compositions. Chelsea is all about capturing the moment and getting it just right.

Chelsea loves the diversity of landscapes and architecture Prague has to offer, from the cobbled streets to the riverside, boats, and iconic sites in Mala Strana, she knows there’s a lot to be captured and will advise on the best spots depending on what each traveler is looking for. 

Her inspiration will take off in just a moment and show you around to capture some marvelous shots you can look back on through the years. She speaks English (native), German, and some Spanish & French. If you’re interested, check out her work and book her for your next trip to Prague!

Professional Photographer in Prague

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The Best Professional Photographers in Vienna

Number #1

Carlota, Your Professional Photographer in Vienna

Carlota is a true artist and is in love with photography. She puts true passion into her contemporary and classic style, making sure clients are happy, looking fantastic, and making them feel at ease during the shoot. She enjoys portraying love stories and she’s happy to photograph weddings, proposals, honeymoons, but also friends and families.

In Vienna, she loves to capture the Schönbrunn’s palace gardens the Rose gardens in Badens and other dreamy locations for secret proposals. She knows her way around every romantic spot in Vienna and speaks Spanish, English, and German.

Professional Photographer in Vienna

Number #2

Bea, Your Professional Photographer in Vienna

Bea will go above and beyond to capture some authentic photos of your travel. Of course, she knows that some posing over a breathtaking landscape or iconic architecture can work wonders, but she’s all about capturing emotions and spontaneity. Bea is lovely and will make sure you feel confident enough to be your authentic (and even goofy) self, just have fun!

She loves the open-air markets, the castles, parks, and cafés, which are definitely her thing. But will surely show you around and find the ideal spots for your photoshoot depending on the occasion. Interested? Book her! Oh and let’s not forget, Bea speaks four (yes, four) languages: Slovak, Czech, English, and Spanish. So communication will not be a problem!

Professional Photographer in Vienna

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The Best Professional Photographers in Budapest

Number #1

Lina, Your Professional Photographer in Budapest

Lina loves to invest time in taking the perfect photos. She knows that not only is she shooting and reflecting others’ self, but she is also adding her creative input in photography. She loves creating artsy photographs that are unique and timeless.

Lina believes in the magic of reflecting stories and human connection and loves to be inspired by it. In Budapest, she loves shooting in Estepona’s cobbled and narrow streets, in Marbella, and any sandy beach in Gilbraltar, Sabinillas and much more.

Lina invites you to explore Budapest with her. She will give you her undivided attention and walk with you through the most iconic locations during your trip, she’ll even take photos while you’re enjoying some beer! Interested in her style? Check out her work and book her for your next trip to Budapest.

Professional Photographer in Budapest

Number #2

Lili & András, Your Professional Photographers in Budapest

Lili & András are passionate about capturing the most authentic moments of your trip in the most authentic and raw ways as possible al while exploring Budapest with you!

If you’re looking for some stunning photography of your time in Budapest, this couple will show you around and walk with you through some of the most iconic sites in the city. Making sure your photos are special, unique, and most importantly that you love them and preserve them in time. They both speak English and are eager to meet you in Budapest!

Professional Photographer in Budapest

Number #3

Julia, Your Professional Photographer in Budapest

Julia loves shooting portraits, charming love stories, and families throughout their adventures in Budapest. She speaks both English and Russian.

She loves this city and knows there’s a story waiting to be told at every corner. Julia will walk with you through some of the most iconic tourist spots in the city, like Budapest Parliament and Fisherman Bastion. While she thinks these are great spots, she also loves shooting in cozy & narrow streets, designer pubs and parks. If you’re interested in Julia’s style, check out her work and book her!

Professional Photographer in Budapest

Number #4

Bence, Your Professional Photographer in Budapest

Bence speaks English & Hungarian and is passionate about taking natural and candid photography. He will give you his exclusive attention and will make sure you feel comfortable during your shoot.

He likes meeting new people and is interested in everyone’s story and portraying them on camera. Bence will shoot in the most paradigmatic sites around Budapest and sure knows his way around the city. From the Chain Bridge to the Castle Garden, he’ll make sure your photos look more than thrilling.

Professional Photographer in Budapest

Number #5

Anita, Your Professional Photographer in Budapest

Anita is passionate about portrait photography and looks to convey stories in her photos. She loves shooting weddings, engagements, and walks around this histrionic city.

She sure knows her way around Budapest and feels like a tourist herself when she discovers new spots! Anita will definitely go out of her way to show you her secret spots she has recently discovered like the rooftops in Budapest with offer a hair-raising view of the city and its towers and domes. As well as secret gardens within castles in downtown.

Professional Photographer in Budapest

Number #6

Elena, Your Professional Photographer in Budapest

Meet Elena, she’s a pro in photo retouching and creating conceptual and creative photography. She’ll make sure the final photos look amazing and speak of your memories and moments enjoyed in Budapest.

She enjoys photographing families and children, so if you happen to go with your family to Budapest, Elena is the perfect vacation photographer for you! She will make sure to capture the candid moments while contributing to your experience and making you feel relaxed. She knows her way all around Budapest’s gardens, heart-stopping views, and romantic spots.

Professional Photographer in Budapest

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The Best Professional Photographers in Bratislava

Number #1

Zuzana, Your Professional Photographer in Bratislava

Zuzana’s style is all about taking authentic shots while enjoying and having fun! Her journalistic photo style is all about being natural and comfortable in front of the camera, having laughs, trying new things, and walking through beautiful Bratislava

She’ll walk you through the beautiful streets of Old Town Bratislava and St. Michael’s Tower & Street. If you need ideas or inspiration for your photoshoot, she’ll surely help you and guide you through this compelling city. Zuzana knows English, Slovak, and Czech, so if you need any help, she can help you communicate!

Professional Photographer in Bratislava

Number #2

Vanja, Your Professional Photographer in Bratislava

Vanja is totally versatile while still staying true to a very unique photography style. She likes to shoot holistic, calm and engaging photos with the main focus on emotions and the moment you’re living. The streets of Bratislava are her favorite spots to shoot.

The goal of her photography is to capture not only the moment but also the emotion that goes along with it. So when you look back at your vacation photographies, you remember everything about it. Vanja is all about contributing to the joy of customers and taking their experience as her own. 

She speaks several languages: English, German, Bosnian (Serbian/Croatian) so communication is never a problem. Vanja will help you capture the beautiful architecture and landscapes Bratislava has to offer. If you’re interested, get in touch with her!

Professional Photographer in Bratislava

Whether going on a trip to any of these beautiful European countries soon or are at the early stages of planning, get in touch with any of our lovely vacation photographers. They will be more than glad to capture thrilling photos for you to look back on in the future with friends, family, and your partner. 

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