6. 11. 2017

Heavenly Honeymoon on the Stunning Island of Santorini

Its idyllic location in the midst of the Aegean Sea may already make for an alluring setting, but the familiar blue domes and white buildings are what set Santorini, Greece apart. As one of the Cyclades Islands, a place formed over time by the eruption of volcanoes, Santorini is ideal for a honeymoon with its historic charm and striking beauty.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

Luckily, with the expertise of our talented photographer Marios, the honeymoon of Mandeep and Pamreen was made up of moments to be captured, as the island burned brightly in mid-day and early dusk held the mood of a breathtaking and beautiful trip.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

High Above the Aegean Sea

Even for those who have not traveled to Greece, the island of Santorini is well known for the white buildings built into the cliffs and the blue-domed churches that overlook the sea. For this newlywed couple, the setting was ideal to celebrate the beginning of their life together, a romantic Greek honeymoon that took them to the land of the Gods in Santorini.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

With the tender smiles that illuminate the love they both share, the picturesque houses of Santorini in the background only add to the ambiance of the day. Far below, boats mill along the shore in the bright blue water that provides a striking contrast. For a moment, Mandeep’s wife takes his hands, leading him down with alook into the cobbled and narrow streets of the town.

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In the pictures of the sea beyond, its distance and vastness, we see the tenderness of the newlyweds’ love, and the life they are only beginning to share together.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

A Beautiful Crush of Pink Flowers

After staring out at the sea as dusk sets over the Greek islands, our photographer Marios captures the couple walking down the stairwells to discover a swath of pink flowers, clusters that burst with brilliant color as if to articulate their newfound hopes.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

Pamreen smiles as she leans into the huge cluster of blooms, the delicate scent of flowers that will evoke a captured moment in Santorini for many years to come.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

Land of Blue-Domed Beauty

Of course, a photo session in one of the most beautiful islands in the world would not be complete without pictures among the blue and white colors it’s known for. While many people vie for that most famous shot among the domes of the church high above the sea, honeymoon photographer Marios was able to capture a special set of images that will uniquely recall the couple’s union years from now.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

As dusk settled in over the Aegean, the couple held each other in an embrace, the striking colors of white and blue in the background. The hazy orange glow only added to the mood with the last embers of the sun disappearing past the horizon. The couple embraced high above the sea, perfectly highlighting the beauty of Santorini and Greece, and their happiness in celebrating their honeymoon in such a
special place.

As the photo session on the Greek island came to an end, Mandeep grabbed Pamreen from her standing place above the church, piggybacking her in laughter and smiles across the white steps. Like they were walking over their very own threshold, a place they would begin their life together, they enjoyed the final
moments of their honeymoon as the sun went down.

couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

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